10 Minute Guided Meditations

10 Minutes is perfect for the busy person

Just 10 minutes, that’s all you need. In our super busy day, if you can just find this small amount of time every day, you will have an increased quality of health and metalFree Guided meditation

Give these great free guided meditation sessions ago. All of them can be found on Soundcloud. I’ve included the link for each one.

We are grateful for all the people out there providing such great free resources to the world. Please visit their sites and follow them for gratitude.


Diane Yeo – Power of Breath

A calm voice with glittering soft background sounds, Diana take you on the journey of breath to become mindful. Spectacular guidance.

Soundcloud Link


Middleyway Mindfulness Centre Nick Gully – Guided Mindfulness Meditation – 10 Minutes

Soft long gonging to start this session and Nick does a great job to guiding us to be in the present. With gentle referral to attend our breath work and observe our senses.

Soundcloud Link

Waking Up with Sam Harris – Mindful Meditation 9 Minutes

Sam takes a practical and concise approach to awareness of feeling. No background sounds or music. Almost feels like a modern guided mediation.

Soundcloud Link


1 Giant Mind – Rest & Expand 10 Minute mediation

This is a guided meditation with soothing light background sound effects. 1 Giant Mind uses a calm detailed approach with an emphasis on awareness of the mind and body.

Soundcloud Link


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  1. Ive tried meditation once but i just couldnt take to it, im not sure if i didnt give it enough time or what. Is there a specific time you should keep trying for before you feel the benefits?

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