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  1. Anxiety is a modern age disease – alongside with depression it is something that people sometimes don’t realise they have, because it is not as easy to recognize as a physical illness, yet it can cause so much damage – it can isolate you from everything and everyone making your life a living hell.
    It is good to know that people do overcome it and that there are ways to help with that.
    And the best thing about your article is that all the stuff proposed by you, in addition to help with anxiety, is actually good for your body as well – you can’t go wrong with exercise, good dieat and meditation – there is simply no downside to tchem
    All the best

    • Thanks for your feedback Anna. Depression is also a massive issue for many and I assume that this regime would also help as well.

  2. Thank you for sharing your personal experience I bet it wasn’t easy to do so. I hope that this article will be able to help many people.
    Did you have a daily routine that you did with the three techniques? Did you meditate everyday?

    • Yes Paulina, I had a daily morning routine which covered meditation, exercise and healthy breakfast to start the day on the right foot.
      At my darkest points, I was meditating 3 times a day, then down to 2. Now just once a day seems to help me maintain freedom from anxiety.

  3. Great time for me to read this post. I just found out I have high blood pressure and I think it is due to anxiety, I really need to find ways to bring it down. I exercise daily and my eating habits aren’t horrible, but could use some work. The thing I really want to try is meditation, the only problem is I can’t seem to turn off my mind, it is always racing and I can’t stop and focus on only one thing. That will take alot of work for me. How long do you think it takes for meditation to have a positive effect on anxiety?

    • Hey Summerly, I know its hard to sit quietly and meditate when the internal chatter is going crazy. The best technique is to start with just 2 minute a day. Like a muscle, the mind will get better at sitting quietly.

      As for noticeable improvements with meditation, it really depends on how committed and consistent you are. It took a good 6 months before I realized that having a consistent meditation practice is helping. After that I had better results in a month of daily sitting.

  4. I used to suffer from anxiety and hyper-vigilance. I treated my problem by eliminating aspartame from my diet, eating an unprocessed, low carb diet, exercising hard six days a week and adding magnesium & vitamin D to my diet. Magnesium curbs the anxiety, vitamin D helps me sleep deeply and well each night – which indirectly reduces anxiety.

    I like being anxiety free. I feel more competent and happy.

    • Thanks for sharing Elizabeth and glad to hear you managed away from anxiety.
      I think eliminating all artificial sweeteners is important and I’m too a low carber.
      Magnesium, Vitamin D are great supplements to help. Also natural sources of Omega 3 can help as well.

  5. Cool I’ve always known about anxiety and get little bouts here and there mainly around hygeine and germs…
    One of the things was as I got better at my job I evolved more into people management and sometimes I had to be someone I wasn’t when it came to disciplining.
    I just detached myself as an individual and put on my “mask”.
    Probably not overly healthy but I’m sure many people do it every day what do you think?

    • Hey Travis, detachment may help the short term but definitely affect you in the long term.
      In today’s society, its common for people to isolate themselves but if we look back in the past, there was less anxiety and more connected communities. If think staying connected is super important but challenging with such busy lives.

  6. I suffer from really bad anxiety and stress. Im always looking for an escape. I related to the article and im so grateful there are people sharing their experiences!

  7. Thanks Vince for sharing your personal battle and experiences with anxiety. It seems to be something many people suffer with at some point in their lives. The stay calm supplement looks quite interesting.
    I also like your get started guide on meditation….

    I suffer a bit with anxiety, I have lots of kids and I worry for them all the time,,,,, I can’t bear to be away from them. Will be looking into some natural supplement as I would never want to go on medication for it. Exercise helps too….

    Anyway thanks for a great read and look forward to more of your work.

  8. Hey Rose, my wife has the same worry about leaving the kid and always super concerned for them. I guess its a motherly thing.

    Thanks for your feedback and will try to get more content out.

  9. Wonderful post. I cured myself of anxiety as well and could relate to your suggestions. Calming your nervous system is paramount and that takes a little time and dedication. If you’re not willing to put the time in, you’ll be dependent on anti anxiety meds and the discomfort of anxiety for years or the rest of your life. I’m now a health coach and I love to help people struggling with anxiety, I’m very interested in the ebook you suggested and will check that out! Thanks!

  10. Thanks for your feedback Linda. You’re amazing to help others and the anti-anxiety food solution book is full of helpful information that can assist you in helping others.

  11. Hi Vince,
    This was a really great piece.
    I’ve always been a worrier to the point I sometimes wake up in the night feeling out of breath.
    The three techniques you advocate to reduce anxiety I fully agree with, I eat natural (most of the time) and exercise. While I don’t always enjoy every workout there is definitely a feel good factor afterwards particularly if I’ve managed to progress.
    I don’t strictly meditate but I do take time out regularly to completely relax myself and I often use positive affirmations as well.
    Thanks !

    • Thanks for your comments Paul. Affirmations are an awesome way to reduce stress and recover quicker from anxiety.

  12. I have generalized panic disorder and this article hits home. Love your tips on how to keep the mind healthy. Also, I totally agree that maintaining a healthier diet REALLY comes into play. I have seen this factor alone help me so much. I always looking for ways to combat my anxiety. Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. Thanks for sharing some of your life with us Jen. I think if everyone shares their stories, it helps other to reach out and get help.
    All the best.

  14. I am so glad to read that you have find alternative ways to deal with this issue and I totally agree with the methods as I am too into natural remedies and cures. Drug is not the way to go for the long term which only has side effects to them. Thanks for this great information!

  15. Hey!
    I love your post! And it completely relates to everything I have been trying and still going through. I am on and off anxiety medications at the moment and also taking Group Therapy. I am also doing Yoga and Meditation regularly as well as using essential oils. But have never thought about the Calm now as well as the Panic Away Program I am always looking for different techniques to try out as it is such a big part of my life. These are helpful and will def try them out. Thank you !

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