Free guided mindfulness meditations

Free Mindfulness Meditations

Below are some free guided mindfulness meditations to listen to when you feel you need to bring your attention back to the present moment.

We are very grateful for individuals that have created this content to share with the world.

What does mindfulness mean to you? Check this post to get my take on it.


Mindfulness of ┬áBreath – Peter Morgan

mindful meditation

6 Minute Breath Awareness –┬áMelbourne Mindfulness Centre & Still Mind

Be here now

Mindfulness of Breathing – Padraig O’Morian

Free guided meditation mp3

Life Happens


Want more Free Guided sounds. Check out this Returning to breath meditation Free to download.

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4 Comments on Free guided mindfulness meditations

  1. Hi,
    I liked the 6 minute mindfulness meditation – nice and short, and I liked they way you don’t have to condemn yourself if you mind slips away to another subject for a while!

  2. The thoughts in the conscious mind are going to come. When they arrive, acknowledge them (but do not participate) and they will leave. I’m my mind it’s almost like I see the thoughts come floating in on a white piece of paper. I visualize them as they slowly pass by waiting to see if Im going to take it and go with it. If you just keep an eye on it, it slowly moves on. But be not deceived!! Another one will float by momentarily trying to grasp your attention. These thoughts are relevant to either the past or the future. When you can let them pass through, that is when you know you are in your present.” The breathing or other focus exercises are my reminders.

    Thanks so much for this information!!

    • Brilliant technique for watching thoughts pass by Carole. I use a similar technique where I see my thoughts as boats in the ocean floating away over the horizon.

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