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Interactive Meditation

The innovative digital tech company usTwo is further venturing in to the business of mindfulness.  usTwo have created excellent apps like Moodnotes, Moodkit and Pause Relaxation Kit . They are again thinking outside the box and finding a whole new way of using your mobile phone.

They have created another app call Sway – Mindfulness in Motion (currently only available on iOS) which is the first true interactive Meditation app. Not just using your screen, it involves moving your body and using the accelerometer sensors in your phone to detect movement.

The movement gives live feedback to the app which then provide interactive technology for more voluntary attention.

The body movements required are slow and gentle which can be done in a subtle manner. This is perfect for someone with their phone in their pocket, trying to relieve some anxiety.

What result differences can be expected between guided meditation and interactive mediation?

usTwo have done a case study of interactive meditation compare to guided meditation in both quiet and noisy environments. The incredible result is that heart rate and EEG monitors showed interactive meditation worked significantly better in busy and noisy areas. This is great for someone trying to get calm in public places or someone that can’t find a quiet place to meditate.


So why is interactive meditation creating better results?

The act of concentrating on slow (very slow) movements and continuously bringing your attention back the body for sets periods of time is a great way of getting the mind to stop wondering.

Getting the body to create voluntary and slowly performed movements while engaging muscles systems in a mindful way, must affect a mind body reaction.

With mobile technology now able to sense this slow and gentle movement, it can create this modern mindful practice to show real results. We also can get live reaction without expensive biofeedback equipment.


The App Design and my experience

Sway has a clean interface, simplistic to use and has level based achievements. It affirms your progress along each stage.

It takes a little to get used to the movement speed to achieve the clam state and warns you when you are moving too fast or too slow.

The experience really requires your head phones where it plays natural outdoor environment sounds mixed with soothing electronic music.

The interactive meditation really induces a calm state very quickly and with the reassurance the app gives you when you’re doing well, a sense of achievement helps bring you to a pleased state of mind.

I really like this new way of meditation and you get to move the body in ways you normally don’t.

I note, this doesn’t work if you’re walking as movements will be too fast.

The recommended dose from the Sway app is 20 minutes a day to get great mindful results.

Check the app on itunes.


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2 Comments on Mindful Movements – The Sway App by usTwo

  1. Sway looks like a wonderful product! Yes, the body is an excellent meditation tool and it’s nice to see technology designed to interact with the body, so we will know as we practice that we are getting the desired relaxation response. Very nice!

  2. Hey Jen, The more I use this app the more I realize how great the body is as a meditation tool.
    Thanks for the comment.

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