Secrets for improving creativity

improving creativity

Stuck on solving a problem, looking at a blank page or just simply bored with what everyone else is eating. Need to get your creative juices flowing, but can’t find your mojo?! This article is will provide the secrets for improving creativity.

In our competitive world, we must be looking for the leading edge to innovate at work, come up with ideas to resolve issues anywhere and sometimes just create original flavors to standout.

Some of us, just don’t think we are creative people. This is a common issue, but I’m here to tell you, you are an extremely creative individual. That’s right, You!

When we are a cog in the wheel of a monotonous world, works, eat, sleep it seems hard to venture out on a creative cliff. But these are the tips to exercise your creative muscles. And it might not be what you think.

Do Nothing

You got it. Sit on your arse and do absolutely nothing. When I mean nothing, that means no TV, no technology, no phones, no people, no eating, no sleeping and no smoking. Go somewhere that you’ll be undisturbed with no distractions and sit quietly.

Don’t force thoughts and strain yourself to think of some crazy ideas that end up being absurd. Sit quietly, relaxed and think of anything you like. No talking. Just sit for about an hour.

What’s likely going to happen, is that you may be getting bored and frustrated when nothing happens. You think, why am I just wasting time. But if you stick with it, once you hit the hour mark of sitting quietly, something will happen. The mind is not distracted by all the bright shiny lights of the world and brain’s creative parts start to move into gear.

This is my favorite way to find creativity for problem solving. It doesn’t always take an hour, sometimes quicker and sometimes longer. I also use meditation which normally brings in boosts of creativity naturally.

Get away from what you know

We all love consuming content that’s related to our industry or that is in our interests as it brings satisfaction. Try and get out of your comfort zone and read a book you don’r really desire reading or watch a movie that’s not in your favorite genre.

I’m an avid non-fiction reader and I love learning about how to improve my life/health and help others to do so as well. On occasion, I will get out my norm and read a fiction book or joke books. This helps work different areas of the content consuming part of my mind which in effect helps my creativity.

I also like to ingest different podcasts out of my normal genres. There are so many fascinating things to listen to that really opens your eyes to different parts of life and experiences.

Shock your senses

You may shock your senses when changing your content consumption, but if you don’t, you may need to kick your physical senses. How?

  • Take a cold showerimprove mt creativity
  • Run into the cold ocean
  • Walk bare foot in nature
  • Get into a hot tub or sauna
  • Get a massage
  • Go to a loud concert
  • Go see a 3D Movie on the big screen
  • Go on a roller coaster

Do something that gives you goose bumps, something that’s scares you or something that will just give your body a jolt.

Getting all these different types of sense reactions will help improve synapses in the body and brain. When exciting these nerves, they will again calm, and what you’ll notice in these times of clam, your creativity will flow.

Get it on the note pad

Times of premium creativity, sometimes don’t come at the most ideal moments. If we have these great ideas and don’t capture them, they will waste away and will be forgotten. This will weaken improve creativittour creative muscles if we don’t act on creative ideas.

When you get the creative ideas, write it down ASAP. I mean now, that instant, as soon as it’s fresh.

My moments of creative clarity normally come about 4am in bed, in the shower or when I’m meditating. I always have note pad next to my bed or on me always.

Did you know, the ideas are in your head, you just haven’t thought them yet. Make sure you give yourself that confidence boost by acting on creative urges.


Well that’s my advice on improving creativity. Do you have any exercises or techniques you use regularly to improve creativity? Please comment below!


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26 Comments on Secrets for improving creativity

  1. Well, Vince, these are great tips for improving creativity! What I do more is to try new things that are out of my comfort zone! It works most of the times but I think I am gonna try the “do nothing” tip and see what would happen! 🙂
    Best wishes,

  2. Good Morning Vince how are you?

    I took the time out to read your interesting article on improving creativity. Usually, I would sit and do nothing in order to come up with exciting ideas to resolve an issue. I was unaware that taking cold showers and roller coaster rides can improve your creativity, how interesting that is! I will try out these methods whenever I need to come up with creative ideas. Thank you so much for your information and continue to do what you do best.

    Best Regards


    • Thanks Ahmad for taking the time to read this post. I hope these method give you great results as they have for me.

  3. Thanks Vin,

    There are lots of ideas here I have never tried. I will definitely have to give some of these a chance.

    I was kinda expecting the usual stuff like taking a nature walk or listening to classical music. Your ideas about shocking the system are new to me.

    These are the kind of things I used to do when I was younger. There’s no reason I can’t give them a try now. I’m not THAT old!

    Thanks Again!

    • Elizabeth, age is just a number and I hope you are trying new ways to excite your senses in every way. Appreciate your feedback always.

  4. I’m one of those people who don’t think of myself as creative, and yet I’m in the process of building a website which I guess is quite creative! I love the idea of keeping a pen & notepad next to you whilst in bed – the amount of ideas I do have in the middle of the night is quite unreal but by morning I’ve forgotten them!

    • Del, I have forgotten and not action many ideas due to not writing them down. No longer do I miss an opportunity and I hope you wont as well.
      All the best.

  5. Excellent suggestions here! Just the thought of shocking my senses I think is enough to get me into action (cold showers…no way!!!). I especially love the write it down bit. I often get ideas in the shower, in the car or when I’m doing the dishes, having a notebook is fabulous for when the ideas come at less than ideal times. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Angela, I use to feel the same about cold showers, but once you feel the after effects, they can be addictive.
      Thanks for your comments.

  6. Good informative post! I like the idea of sitting alone and finding your creative zone. I agree to this sometimes great ideas come when you are actually doing leisure activities or doing nothing. I haven’t tried meditation as yet. Do you know where can I learn techniques for it? Anyways keep the good work going!

  7. I really like your suggestions here because there are always days when there just seem to be a blockage and I cannot get my work out. Will try your creative suggestions. The one on shocking my senses could work for me.

  8. You’re amazing. I specifically love “get away from what you know” and “get it down on a notepad” because I think they are both beautiful pieces of advice. Sometimes I have ideas that make me pat myself on the back but if I do not write them down then they do go so I know from experience this is so important in capturing creativity. You also are so right about stepping outside of your comfort zone and discovering something that you might not have otherwise. Another great post, and I thank ya!

  9. Wow! Sitting for an hour without doing anything is my dream! Whenever I sit down and try to do nothing my body wants to move and get up and look at my phone and do all kinds of things except sitting quietly.
    Now I can manage sitting for 5 minutes and after that, I get anxious and get up.
    Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get myself to sit calmly for an hour? Maybe I can start with 5 minutes and every day add a minute?

  10. Hi Vince,

    Great post my man! I love doing nothing! Generally I go to bed an hour earlier than most people and meditate for 45 minutes and then do a bit of visualisation. Same in the morning. I have been having cold showers for more than 12 months and they make such a difference to your outlook. I am a big Wim Hof fan (look him up if you don’t know him) It is winter here now and I will go for a swim in the ocean or sit in the freezing swimming pool we have at our apartment block first thing in the morning. People think I’m crazy but with Wim’s breathing exercises I love it!

    Another great way to shock yourself is to walk through a shopping centre or market or train station, anywhere there are lots of people and do a vlog on your phone or camera. It’s scary when you first do it but once you get used to it its such great fun. People stare at you and think what the hell is he filming haha!

    Keep up the great posts buddy 🙂


    • Great tips Kev! I have done the Wim Hof 10 week course and found it extremely beneficial.

      I like the idea of Vloggin in very public spaces. Great idea to loose some camera nerves and it sounds like fun.

      • Thats very cool that you have done the WHM Vince! I use the breathing each morning and find it really helps with running and going to the gym as well as swimming in cold water or having a cold shower like I do now.

        Yes give the Vlogging a go. Really great fun and a real buzz 🙂


  11. Hi Vince, great post and advice =) I consider your advice more of a friendly reminder in our very busy and utilitarian way of life. It made me realize that things that I do can be more productive, creative for that matter, if I simply follow your simple steps. Interestingly, I know we know it already, but your simple reminder is breath of fresh air. Thanks for this brother =)

    • Your welcome JR. Sometimes we just need a quick push in the right direction to set us back on our path.
      All the Best.

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