Supplements that improve brain function

Supplements that improve brain function

Like many of us, I’m always looking for ways to improve my performance and health. I’ve realized that I can affect all areas in my life with supplements that improve brain function. When the brain is working at full capacity, everything else seems to line up better

Choosing what you put into your body to stimulate performance can be tricky and there a lot of products out there with dangerous compounds or highly juiced up stimuli.

There is a hoard of natural ingredients and formulated blends which are safe to take and not only improve brain functionality but also are good for the rest of your body.

Below are some of my favorites.

Neuro-Peak by Zhou Nutrition

Zhou Nutrition have been really hitting on the head with some of their latest formulas. With a mix of ancient ingredients meets modern needs. Neuro-Peak is my current go to for enhancing brain Supplements that improve brain functionfunction when I really need a boost. Made in the USA with clean ingredients Wichita all agree with my body.

I’ve tried BrainSmart and Alphabrain which are 2 of the market leaders in nootropics, but Neuro-Peak really surprised me on its performance.  I use it at least once a week. Some of the benefits I get from NP are:

  • Increased Mental Focus
  • Improved Memory
  • A feeling of more mental energy
  • No Side Effects
  • No Jitters


Brain Nutrient PerformanceAMRAP Nutrition Organic Supergreens Powder

Green powder mixes are a daily ritual for me. I normally chug one down about 10am to get my mind and body fired up.

Whilst there are tonnes of them on the market, AMRAP Supergreens is one where I really feel the difference after drinking it.

This product has been engineered for general health supplement to get high nutrients to the body. What I found that this product creates a natural energy and improves my mood.

It a serious brain and body health tool I can’t live without.

AMRAP Supergreens doesn’t have any sweeteners or flavor enhancers so its taste isn’t 5 stars for mouth feeling. You can mix it with juice or water. I chug my down in a smoothie most of the time.


Essential Oils BlendsEssential Oils for Brain Enhancement

Sniffing some of the finest oil vapors can help the brain kick into gear. Veviter and/or Lavender have an amazing effect on concentration and focus.

My absolute favorite is the essential oil blend from Young Living called Brain Power. It uses a mix of like Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood , Blue Cypress and Frankincense to promote a sense of clarity and focus.

You can either open the bottle and have a quick sniff or run some oil in a diffuser to cover a whole room.

The initial investment is a little high for this tiny bottle, but it lasts a very long time. Still on my first bottle which I purchased over 18 months ago and use it about 3 times a week.

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4 Comments on Supplements that improve brain function

  1. Great review Vince. I have been meaning to get my brain in order 🙂 and see what is out there that can help me. But like you said it’s difficult to know what to go for as you don’t know what you are putting into your body.

    If I went for something like this then I think I would just try one for starters. Do you take all these three together? Or at different times? Do you take anything else besides these?

    As for the side effects of the Neuro Peak does it depend on the person or is there no side effects whatsoever.

    Sorry about all the questions. Thanks.

    • Glad to answer your Questions Owain.
      Yes I take all 3 together if I really need it but usually only take Neuropeak as required maybe once a week.

      If you had to start with one, the Super greens are the way to go as they just don’t improve brain function but boost immune system function.

      As for side effects with Neuro Peak, it really depends of the person. Check out the reviews on Amazon as most are very honest about their experience. I have no side effects, except great improved focus and concentration.

  2. Thanks Vince for recommend Neuro Peak. I was a little worried taking them the first time but I was amazed on how it improved my focus and alertness.

    I’ll be trying super greens next.

    • That’s so great to hear Xiao. I was a bit nervous the first time I tried too. Its like I had butterflies in my stomach.

      The super green will amaze you. Let me know how they go.

      All the best.

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