About Meditsounds

Hey everyone, I am Vince and welcome to the Meditsounds website.

The reason I created this website was to provide an all in one location of meditation resources for beginners and busy folks that don’t have time to search. Our resources include meditation audio, guided meditations, other meditation tools and resources.

I hope to highlight interesting stories related to meditation success and benefits to help motivate you on your mindful journey. I also would like to bring awesome tips and resolutions for some common problems we all get in life.

My meditation journey…..

I’ve now been meditating for since 2010. I started to meditate to help with an anxiety disorder which I battled for many years and since then used meditation for optimal health with my mental and physical performance.

Through battling mental health and other physical health issues, I noticed that through a healthy lifestyle combined with a regular meditation practice, was able to overcome many of life’s obstacles. I realized that taking the time out wasn’t just helping me with my health, but better manage raising a young family, coping with less sleep, works stresses and body weight management.

I’m grateful to now be in a healthy state and want share with the world how sitting (another way of saying meditating) for just a short time regularly can have a massive impact on all aspects of life.

Along with meditation I’ve found other therapies, technologies and life hacks that have enabled me to  perform at the best of my abilities. I think so many of us could benefit but as I realized over time with friends and family, not many people even know about some of these great ideas.

My health journey

Over the years I am constantly finding ways to improve my health and performance. From body to mind, I found heaps of great information, tools and tips to integrate into everyday life to feel and live better.

As I age, I’m actually feeling younger and fitter than I was 10 years ago. Its no secret to how anyone can do this, it just that people aren’t exposed to all the correct information and possibly scared of a little change or even discomfort. I hope to spread this word here to help others.

I wish you all the best on your voyage and thank you for taking the time to stop in at meditsounds.com.