Awaken Meditation App – a little different from the rest

Awaken Meditation App

Meditation has gotten popular of the past few years and it’s easy to see why. Life has become very stressful, technology has made us increasingly distracted and addicted to that next hit of digital stimulation or social approval.

In world with so much wealth and abundance, we still see suffering, financial struggle and governments or political systems are going off the rail. They putting efforts to non-important issues and not able to fix or identify the core issues affecting many in struggle.

Our convention culture tells us to deal with these issues with retail therapy or if you don’t have enough money well that’s your fault. If your stressed out from life, watch some mindless television, play some useless games or anxiety inducing social apps.

Then comes mediations which is a resistance to all those issues above. It helps us detach from consumerism and help build a relationship with ourselves.
Meditation helps find out how our minds work but when incorporated into daily mindful practices, becomes even more effective.

Awaken is a new kind of meditation app, one that helps us connect with this goodness and with our inner wisdom. Inspired by Buddhist philosophy, each audio-guided Awaken meditation digs into the heart of our real, everyday lives, from habits to relationships, work to politics, and more. The app explore ourselves in relation to the people and institutions around us and the culture we live in.

Each practice is composed of a meditation, a contemplation with a journaling prompt, and an opportunity to share your wisdom and connect with other members. The method is intentionally designed to bring out our inner truth. First, we settle the mind with mindfulness practice. After that, we share a story or piece of wisdom and guide a contemplation that applies that wisdom to your own life, allowing you to explore what’s true for you and your own experience. Finally, sharing and connecting with each other deepens and crystallizes what we want to take away from the practice.

You can download the app for free and give the first few audio guides ago. Awaken is a subscription model and you can check out their kickstarter campaign for a great membership deal.

I really like this concept of using the app to look how we can add mindfulness into everyday living. With the strength of community support and sharing, this app is certainly push meditation in modern use.




I really encourage all of you to use this free download and discovery this for yourselves. We really appreciate your feedback below and love to hear what you thought of the app.

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  1. Yeah, meditation is a very good practice. I like meditating because it is another form of prayer. When you meditate you are talking directly to God and to your own reflection- the soul. And when we stressful or filled with anxieties, the one big remedy would be meditation. While meditating, you tend to detach from everything and push yourself towards an exclusive horizon that is dimensional as well as privately giving you the power to having a new found world.

    It is a very good practice that can generate peace and tranquility. So it is not only effective in keeping ourselves physically fit but also brings utter contentment to the soul.

    We see our own reflections as changed beings with empowered existence when we meditate. It should be thus made known to everybody about the usefulness of it. People with physical blemishes and mental traumas should get hold of this unique way of healing in particular.

    I find that this site is valuable and rare and also wish that it reaches tens and thousands of people who are in need of such remedies.

    I wish all success for the website.

  2. Amazing article and very interesting apps. So I download it today and give it a try. It’s very helpful that there’s an app that can help someone to relieve stress. I always listen to zen music video on youtube and this awaken is amazing to use. Thanks for the read.

  3. Hello Vince,
    This app is definitely something unique. I have tried so many games app, audio and photo editing ones all of which are just a time waste to relax myself. But I should consider this app, if inner peace and wisdom is what you get out of it. Thank you for sharing.

    Best Regards

  4. Hello Vin,
    This app is definitely something unique. I have tried so many games app, audio and photo editing ones all of which are just a time waste to relax myself. But I should consider this app, if inner peace and wisdom is what you get out of it. Thank you for sharing.

    Best Regards

  5. I am totally loving this! I downloaded the app already 🙂 and will share on Facebook because I think we all need this. With the stresses of the world around us and the stresses of our own daily lives, what better way to find peace and yourself along the way. I need this because as a teacher, there are moments where it can be a bit stressful, which in turns leads me to make poor choices with food, etc… Having this app and making time to meditate each morning or evening will most likely help me ground myself and relieve myself of the stresses life tends to give us. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Really appreciate the share Melanie. Integrating mindfulness into our daily lives can really help us managing the moments around us that cause us stress. I found this app really pushes the joy out of my day.

  6. Thanks for sharing this app Vin. I also have downloaded heaps of meditation app and found this one great with the inbuilt journaling function. Amazing future for developers of the Awaken app.
    They just sold out their Lifetime membership subscriptions. Spewing about this but they still have some great membership deals.

  7. Wow this is great. I love listening to music as a tool to turn my attitude/mindset around. Had no idea about this app as another option. Thank you for this info! Also enjoyed the video — keep this up! I’ll be back to tap into more of your insight!

  8. Hey Vince, I enjoyed reading your post. I agree that meditating is a great healthy way to help center ourselves and improve our overall well being, especially in such a troubled time. with so much stress and distraction, its nice to find a little time each day to concentrate on what is important. i think the idea of using an app to help guide meditation is genius, and hopefully it will many people start incorporating meditation into their lives. thanks for the info.

  9. Hi Vince, this app sounds perfect for me. I have been meaning to try meditation for some time. Aswell as helping with the stresses of everyday life, meditation can help us to focus and think more clearly. This will lead to overall better decisions in our life’s, wether at work or home. Thanks Vince I will be downloadin good this app.

  10. Meditation is so healthy for our well being. I like having quiet moments because it relaxes the mind and body. It’s good to know that there is an app that can help to bring peace and calm in our stressful lives. I will definitely download it and share this article with others.

  11. Hi Vince,

    I have thought of doing meditation but as yet haven’t set aside time. I like the idea of an app and also that you can try it for free.

    This I feel can be useful for me as work can get quite stressful at times and I need to learn to relax.


    • I hope the stress calms down for you Matthew. I’m sure the app and many of the resources we have can assist in calming the mind.

  12. I love the idea of this! I always struggle trying to meditate on my own, I feel my mind always starts to wander and I can’t switch it off. This audio might help get me on the right track! What a great app idea!

  13. Wow, this sounds great! And it comes at just the right time, because I’m started to get bored of my current podcasts and looking for something else..

    Yoga and meditation is a part of my daily life, but I do also have a stressful job and it would be nice to have an app to escape to on my lunch break! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Thanks Vince for sharing this marvellous app. I have downloaded it for my young sister who regularly suffers from stress.

    I hope she will get relief.

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