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There are tonnes of Binaural beats programs you can purchase in audio form for download and on CD. Generally made in higher quality, these are a little inconvenient to download into your mobile device for quick access. Apps are convenient to download and some can offer useful Binaural Beat tools. So what are the Best Binaural Beats Apps available?

Over the years, I have collected many apps trying the very wide range of Binaural Beat Apps for iOS devices.

There is certainly a contrast for quality with in this range of apps available and I have wasted a lot of money on non-fruitful apps.  Some even advertise binaural beats but are frauds.

Hopefully I can save you some coin and time with these recommendations.

Brain Wave - 32 Advanced Binaural BrainWave – 35 (formally Brainwave 32) Advanced Binaural Brainwave Entrainment Programs with iTunes Music and Relaxing Ambience

Banzai Labs have put some effort into the functionality design of this Brain Wave app with advance Multi-Stage Binaural programs and incredible sound mixing selection.

So, I can select from 35 Brainwave programs depending on what I want to achieve, add my choice of background sound (nature sound, iTunes music, podcast or hat ever audio I want to mix with) and then set the duration.

It also offers Alarm settings and individual volumes for background and binaural beat.

This app is amazing, totally worth every cent. The brain waves hacks into your mind to achieve deep states of meditation otherwise only achievable through years of practice, now you can achieve them within minutes. Totally amazing.

Bring alertness and focus to the task at hand in almost no time at all. It honestly feels like my brain is juiced up when on Focused and Alert Mode.

Switching it to Deep Sleep mode to rapidly fall into a subterranean slumber. It is truly remarkable how deep I crash when using this mode.

Just with all the flexibility and astounding results I get, this app gets a 4.9 star rating from me. It looses 0.1 star as it could look aesthetically better but they have done well to include so much functionality.

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100 Binaural Beats100 Binaural Beats and Isochoric Tones | AmbiScience

The guys at Tesla software have been making great apps for years. This compact app has a cool looking interface enabling you to select timer, background sounds and preferred binaural beats.

There is 100 Binaural beats to choose from which is a little overwhelming at first but then you soon discover there is only really 50. What they have done is duplicated each one and they promote them to work on speakers or headphones. THEY DO NOT WORK ON SPEAKERS.

Their 50 entrainment effects cover the usual meditation, energy, focus and sleep beats. They also have healing tones for certain areas of the body like lungs, prostate, shoulders, sinus, spleen, stomach, lips and this list goes on. Not so sure about the healing properties of these tones.

So even that this app is bloated with stuff you may not use, it’s still much better than most the other available and is fairly cost effective once off payment.

I give it a 4 stars as it is a sleek app and looses a star for promoting the bloated would work on speakers.

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Binaural AppBinaural – Pure Binaural Beats

This is modern, smooth looking app with the bare essentials for Binaural beats if free to download but includes in app purchase to unlock timers and mood changing colors.

You select your Binaural frequency via a cool color sliding interface.

It doesn’t have all the fancy audio mixing and cool background sounds to work with the binaural beats. It’s just binaural frequency sounds.

It’s pretty good for someone who wants a free app to experience the effect of Binaural Beats.

I give it 4 Stars for free value but I’m sure if more people unlock the app with the additional purchase, the developer will be encouraged to add more features.

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For the Androids – Binaural Beats Therapy

I keep getting the question so here is, a reasonable Binaural beats app for android users – Binaural Beats Therapy. This is a free app with many inbuilt binaural programs. It works very well but you are hinges to the programs.

There are not as many settings as Binaural 35 and I didn’t like how the app always asks you to donate.  Apart from that, pretty good for a free app.

Binaural beats for Android

10 Comments on Best Binaural Beats Apps for iOS

  1. I was looking for a good app to try out binaural beats. I think I’ll start out with something that is free to see if I like it at all, because I have never tried listening to this type of music (can you call this music?).

    • The Binaural App is free but doesn’t come with cool integrated music. But keep in mind the other apps are still very cost effective considering how much you would pay for a full BBeat program.
      All the best.

      • Thanks Vince!
        Does it take time to get used to listening to these beats? Because I’m finding it a little bit hard to listen to for more that a few seconds… Maybe I should lower the volume?

        • Hi Paulina,
          Try the different range of frequencies and yes start at lower volumes. It may take a little time to get use to if you have sensitive ears.

  2. Thanks for the great review as always Vince. I would go with Paulina and get something that is free, just so that I can get a sense of what I’m getting. After I am satisfied with it I thi k I would go for the Brain Wave. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks again.

  3. I’d like to thank you Vince for sharing this. I’ve been using Brainwave 32 for the past week and I’ve doubled my work capacity in deep work and sleeping better than ever before.
    Such a life changer.

    • AMAZING! That’s the same effect Brainwave 32 had with me when I started to use it.
      It does get addictive and try to do deep work without it from time to time.
      I’m so glad this has helped you and really appreciate your feedback.

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