Celebrities who meditate and other high performers

Mirand Kerr

Meditation is used by many people to improve health, focus and relaxation. Meditation has become trendier that it was once before and become an open topic with superstars opening about their mindful practices. Here is a list of celebrities who meditate and some other high performers.

Oprah Winfrey

Certainly, a celebrity among celebrities, Oprah knows the importance of offering a small amount of her time each morning to meditation. She makes it apart of her morning routine to ensure her day is optimized.

Tim Ferriss

Even the 4 hour work week need 21 minutes of meditation every day to extract the golden nuggets from high performers. Tim say’s that he needs 1 minute to settle in and 20 minutes to get into his meditation where he commonly uses Vipassana and Transcendental meditation

Hugh Jackman

A regular Transcendental Meditation (TM) user who knows the power of a regular practice to ensure happiness, memorising movie lines and peak performance for action film stunts.

Paul McCartney

Sir Paul found meditation in the 60s, it certainly helped him get out a tough place from exhaustion of touring and partying.

Yet another celebrity that uses TM and has a long lasting relationship with meditation.

Angelina Jolie

Not all meditators are found sitting in lotus on pillow for hours. Much like Angelina who finds ‘meditation moments’ during in her day and  say that being with her kids can be like meditation.  I think it’s the opposite with my kids.

Halle Berry

If you follow Halle Berry on Instagram, you’ll see her relaxing weekend poses and occasional post that notes her life with meditation, “The big FIVE OH has taught me the importance and value of daily meditation. It has not only enhanced my ability to face challenges throughout the day, but meditation is food for my soul that changes my perspective and brings clarity to my mind…”

Russell Brand

The outspoken non-stop power house Russell Brand has use the power of meditation to live a life without drugs, sex addictions and wild life party antics.

Kobe Bryant

NBA highest performers know the power of meditation and Kobe explains in this video how meditation sets up his day to accomplish great things.

Arianna Huffington

The famous Huffington post founder Arianna Huffington has used meditation as grounding point for many years and even says when she can’t sleep, she loves that opportunity to meditate and no longer has insomnia episodes.

Miranda Kerr

Does meditation make you beautiful? Well if we use Miranda Kerr as the example, I can say YES! Miranda uses meditation apps to help her get here mindful minutes in between the photos shoots and runways.

Jennifer Aniston

Another person that uses meditation to kick start her day, Jennifer Anniston say that meditation improves all aspect of her life and really helps in times of stress.

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry uses TM to feel like he’s fully charged every day and feels like he’s had the best night sleep every night.

Do you have a favorite celebrity that meditates? Please let me know below.

17 Comments on Celebrities who meditate and other high performers

  1. Meditation helps me when I need to focus and calm my nerves, I play a lot of high level sport so when I’m playing a big game I always take the time to control my breathing and calm my nerves. This is a great article explaining how it benefits some of the great celebrities and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thankyou.

  2. This article is very interesting. I had no idea this many celebrities meditated! Kobe Bryant’s video was my favorite part. It clearly is a way to become one with your thoughts and inner peace! I will definitely keep this article in mind!

  3. Thanks for sharing Vince. It was interesting to see which celebrities practice meditation.

    I wasn’t surprised to see High Jackman as he does seem a happy person. I was though when it came to Russell Brand, but then I read the description. I didn’t even know that he has given up his party ways

  4. The ones that are on this list that surprise me are Russell Brand. I just would have never thought in a million years that Russell Brand and Huge Jackman meditates. Maybe, because he comes off as very outspoken and kind of wild at times.

    Also, Hugh Jackman kind of surprises me. Possibly because of when I think of Hugh Jackman the first thing that comes to mind is a stunt guy and a Wolverine character which is a tough and gritty guy.

    Are there any more to this list that you could add that people wouldn’t think they practice meditation in their personal life.

    • There are tonnes of surprise celeb which I thought wow, can’t believe they meditate. Arnold Schwarzenegger stunned me although he doesn’t practice regularly anymore, in his Mr Olympic days, he used TM often.

  5. Meditation is something that I have always wanted to do. I know that I have to put my distractions ‘aside’ first. That’s the tough part. I look forward to reading guided meditation!

  6. It is very impressive to see how many celebrities meditate. I never paid attention which celebs meditate to be honest but it is interesting to see how many do practice it.
    Meditation helps with stress but is very difficult to exercise at home. For me I have to go in nature to meditate successfully.

  7. Wow, thank you for the interesting article about celebs who meditate! I have Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s meditation series and they are a tremendous help for me. I really enjoyed hearing these celebs’ personal experience with meditation and agree on all of their claims about meditation. It is a great exercise to perform well in our career, relationship, and all other aspects of our lives. Thank you so much!

  8. I read “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris and you just know he has to meditate. He could only write something that incredible if he spent a lot of time alone in deep thought. It is amazing how much better your life is when you slow down. You become much more productive. Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

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