Define driving force and what’s your fuel source?

Define driving force

What gets you out of bed in the morning? What do you live for? What do you want to give to the world or to yourself? How do you define driving force?

The story of mundane life, people living in a trap they can’t get out is way more common than I first thought. Without a driving force, how can we want to live extraordinary or even ordinary lives with passion?

Growing up as a kid, I was an early riser because I always had a quest, a hobby or a plan of what I wanted to do with my day. As I grew up, late starts and struggling to get out of bed was the norm until I had relit my flame. Now I can’t wait to get out of bed because my quests wake me.

Finding passion or purpose to live is a question than can be tough for some to answer. The most common driving force is achievement or attainment of a goal. This could be in form of career, money, health, faith, status, relationships, physical possessions or just making the world a better place.

What fuels one’s source of drive may not fuel another’s source. We are all different, but like many of us, we want to grow and become our best version. This requires a driving force as a motivator.

What if you’re stuck in hamster wheel of life?

Some people may feel their purpose is to sit on their arse watching TV and complaining about the life the life they’ll never have. With the excuse of society working against their favour, can’t get chance to get ahead or many other piss poor excuses I’ve heard before.

I’ve been stuck in the hamster wheel before, struggling to find a job, suffering from long mental health issues and other stressful health problems (check out this post on how I overcame my anxiety disorder). The feeling of so many things going wrong, one after another. This can be life! There will be ups and there will be downs. You must use the pains of the negative times to grow and become better. This is perception and mindset.

This poor mindset can be logged from a course or unfortunate events in life, association of similar unfortunate people and just passed on from parents or superiors. You must move out of this mindset and use your thoughts as impressions for positive action.

I’ve just lost my drive and can’t seem to find it

Not all have the above poor circumstances in life. Many are happy, have lived through many achievements or maybe already attained their goals but have just seemed to have lost their mojo.

Loosing purpose is one of the main issues causing midlife crisis, deterioration at retirement and the good old I’m too old (or young) to achieve something excuse.

If you can’t find the meaning of life, first look to your fears and write them down. Fear searching is great way to seek value and purpose in life. I do this on every down cycle in life and generally learn something new.

Simply get a note pad, draw 3 columns and fill in the following:Fear setting

Column 1 – The fear. Write all your fears. Try to fill the column with as many as possible no matter how outrageous.

Column 2 – The Outcome of the fear. The awful outcomes no matter how extreme! (I have written death in many of these exercises). Get down as many outcomes even if they sound silly.

Column 3 – Action and likely outcome. Fill this out last after you have completed columns 1 and 2. Review each fear and each outcome. Write down what could have been done, what you can do to face, complete or stop this fear from happening.  Really take time to reflect on each point and finally write what is likely to happen if you start to action in a positive way.

I normally feel lighter once this exercise is completed. Optionally, I like to rip up or burn the page once I’ve complete this. Gives me closure on the fears and frees up my mindset for my driving force.

Put your foot down and fly

So, you’ve freed the space in your mind and found some direction or just don’t want to deal with your fears for the moment. Listen or read these 11 Life changing books. These selection of books have changed the course of my life many times and I still go back to them regularly to fuel my driving force.

Once you’ve turned around your mindset and start flexing you’re driving force. Get creative and action your plans pronto!

I’m blessed to work with communities of motivating colleagues that also help fuel my fire and likely post comments below. I really appreciate their support and booting my passions.

What are my drivers?

Teaching my kids about flags of the world. Some of their handy work.

To the date of this post, I have many fuel sources that kick me out of bed early in the morning and sometimes keep me up late. Some of them are:

-Teaching my 3-year-old twins new stuff and watching them develop and grow.
-Writing (hopefully) inspiring posts to share with you and in course helping others improve become their best version
-A constantly evolving fitness and body health goals to reach
-Starting an online tech business

I constantly wake up in a dreamy but motivating state early in the morning and reaching for the note pad as I have another idea I need to action. There is only so much time to dream and to action, so make the most of it.

What are your drivers?

I’d love for you to share some of your driving forces or what helps you find your purpose in life? Have you been stuck? What are your tips to move forward?

If you enjoyed this read please share it around.

Bless Up.

24 Comments on Define driving force and what’s your fuel source?

  1. You really sound like my therapist😊. Having anxiety disorder is no joke and that is something I have to deal with every day. How do I overcome—avoidance. I have lost my drive and because of fear I don’t want to find it. I will be sure to try your exercise with the three columns. This is a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing!

      • Nice post. My husband and I feel like we’re “stuck in a hamster wheel of life”. We appreciate you posting this and sharing the list of books in your other post. My husband has been looking for books like this.

        We have very similar drives with you so we definitely hope you will succeed with what you’ve started.

        Gluck and All the best to you

  2. Hello, Vince, excellent post man, you really nail how to stay motivated. Being consistent in my opinion is one of the most important things when striving towards true personal success. It also is something I severely struggle with, but every day I do my best to make improvements, even if they are small!

    • Jacob I think it’s something we all struggle with and bit by bit is the only way to crawl through it.
      Appreciate your feedback

  3. This article should be a wake up call for those who live day to day with no expectations. One can find there path to the drive they need with this article. It is filled with info for those who can read between the lines

    • Appreciate your comments Maurice. My wishes is to improve the reader’s lives and hopefully get them to fuel their driving force. Your feedback fuels mine.
      All the best.

  4. My drive is the sme as yours, my 4 boys. if it wasnt for them i would just stay in bed and be even more depressed, great post which has actually cheered me up and give me a much needed boost

  5. My driving force is simple… I don’t want to stay in the situation I’m in right now, so I’m moving on.
    I think it’s the same driving force of the birds when they are leaving Europe in the winter every year. They are just cold and “unhappy” with their situation, so they move on… and on… and on… until they feel good again, when they reach Africa I guess 🙂

  6. Great post, Vince. And timely, too.

    I had been diligent and worked hard at my businesses. But something happened a week or so ago. And since then, I have slowed down. I knew I needed to get back on my feet, and work hard again to make my businesses successful, or even greater success.

    But I just can’t find the groove.

    Your article has helped me to make my comeback. I have found my drivers, and I am now working hard again towards even greater success.

    Thank you.

  7. Hi, thanks for the advice, even though I will have to force myself to do your exercise. Why dwell on the fears first. Can I not just jump to the things that I consider my drivers? Can I not accept the negative, try to leave it aside and turn my head to the positive?

    • You sure can Anita. Positive reinforcement should be used as a daily practice and I encourage it. Fear setting is not recommended to be done regularly as our thought are what we become.
      Thanks for your comment.

  8. Thanks for this post. It was a lot easier for me to feel motivated when I was younger, but then layers of life set in, and layers of bad coping mechanisms and anxiety and depression, and these days it’s not so easy for me to point to that thing that sets us on fire. But there are ways out – I’ll try your list suggestion!

  9. Thanks for some uplifting words, needed that 🙂

    I’m currently in a down period so was nice to read your article and funny enough life has a way to tell you something if we listen. Yesterday I fell over a youtube video with Simon Sinek explaining the fear setting theory, and now I read about it here too.. what a coincidence 😀

    I’m trying to get some kind of fire and have started a project to market online with affiliate and direct sales.. the road is long and the journey has just started, but I’m learning new stuff almost every day.

    Thank You for inspiring me 🙂

  10. Hello Vince,

    I totally relate to what the main point of your article – one must have a driving force and a goal.
    If it is not the case, the mind gets too lazy and unproductive.
    My driving force right now is to achieve financial freedom and I work for it every single day.

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