Goal Achievement System and how to make it this year

Another year is underway and the resonance of last year’s wins or loses run through the mind. You feel fresh and ready to get some new achievements, but once we reach the end of March, they may be forgotten or feel too difficult to achieve.

I’ve got a system that will ensure success. Use this goal achievement system to make it this year.

Get it on paper – Not just the goals but the specifics

Once you fix your mind on the goals you need to achieve, not only write the goals down but explain to yourself how you are going to achieve them.

You need to make a plan on how to reach each goal, what you’re going to give to get this goal and when you’re going to achieve it. Put all this into a statement. For example, if I wanted to run a marathon this year, but I’m clearly unfit but fixed the goal in my mind, my statement would sound like this:

“I will run x marathon on October 9th 2018 and will do this in 2 hours and 30 minutes. For me to attain this, I will do all the training that is required each day to complete this task. If there are is anything stopping me, I will overcome the hurdle.”

Reading this statement first thing in the morning and last thing before you go you bed will ensure your mind is in the best state to achieve this goal.

When writing your goals, get as specific as possible! If your goal is to save to buy a new car, write down every detail on the car, make, model, colour, engine size, sound it makes when you accelerate, the new car smell it will have, the feeling of the plush leather steering under your hands….I think you get idea. Get the detail in your plan.

Visualize the attainment

Visualize the attainment of the goals after you’ve read your statement. The more you visualize it, the easier it will be to do the work to attain it.

To supercharges this, engage the emotion of achieving your goal. If you add emotion, your visualization will become more vivid and subconscious will work on it in the background as well.

This is skill which can be developed as many athletes or other high performers use to imagine the process of achieving goals in their mind.

Have photos or word pictures of your goals in locations where you see it regularly. On the fridge, bathroom mirror of screen saver on your phone.

Create the routines and stick with them

Need to wake up for run, ensure you eat healthy every day or just need to work on your project at set times every week? Use a calendar and schedule what you need to do to get it done. DON’T deviate from the plan. Look at your calendar every day and draw the roadmap in your head.

If your plan has difficult things to do, do the hard stuff first. This paves a road with less friction for the next task on your journey.

Set reminders and notification so you don’t forget what your goals are. The more it appears in front of your face, the better chance it’s going to stick in your mind.

Change your behaviour to match your attainment

Fake it to you make it! Act as if you have got your goal and shift your identity. If you can imagine walking in the shoes of the person that has achieved it, you can change your posture to suit.

I have a friend who expressed to me achieving his goal of overcoming his public speaking fear. One of the core principal he used was the mind role play of the confident speaker and said he faked the feeling of confidence.

By creating a false sense of confidence, you can achieve the goal. Once you’ve done it, is it still faking it? It’s building your persona to match a new identity.

Confidence will create the persistence you need to make it all the way.

Following these four techniques will have you kicking your goals this year. Another cool tool available to help you track your new habits and ensure you stay on the path is an app called Momentum Habit Tracker. This free app boosts your willpower and helps you reach your goals.

Check off your habits from your iPhone, Apple Watch or Mac. 

Set yourself up for success with:

– Reminders (indispensable until your habits become automatic)

– App badge (shows the number of remaining habits for the day)

– Flexible scheduling (set weekly targets or specific days)

The free version lets you add 3 goals, you can upgrade to premium for unlimited goals.

For you Android users, GoalTracker is a similar goal setting app which will do much the same.

Hope you smash your goals this year! If you have any goal setting tips, please leave them below.

48 Comments on Goal Achievement System and how to make it this year

  1. Hi Vince,
    Solid article. Very important to put pen to paper and visualize to make your goals come to fruition.

    The momentum habit tracker looks interesting and will have to check that out.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Vince,

    Great article, this actually aligns with some of the steps I am taking in this new year. Ive always set goals, but tend to keep them locked up in my thoughts. After reading this article I definitely will take the steps to make them more visual for myself on the daily basis. Thanks!


  3. The advice given here is an excellent way for one to achieve their goals. I believe all four are equally important and is a must for success. The author of this post hit the nail on the head with this one.

  4. I wasn’t really into goal setting, until I decided to consciously wake up.
    I needed to change my habits. And I started with goal setting.
    I started with creating a visual board and place it somewhere I could see it everyday.
    I never thought to use an app though.
    Is Goal Tracker free?

  5. I really enjoyed this,its well written and as it’s the start of 2018, this is really going to help me achieve my goals for the year to come! I’ll definitely bookmark this page.

  6. That’s a neat App. Having goals and writing them down is very important for sure but with a little help from the device we use every day anyway is probably a lot of fun and motivating.

  7. I really like how you said to write it down. There is something that happens when you do that. It sticks in your mind and becomes important. The value increases. For my New Years resolutions, I am going to do that. It is sounds advice.

    I do have a question though. When it comes to visualization, does it help if you do it while meditating or closing your eyes? I heard that it can be just as good as actually doing it. I look forward to hearing your answer.

    Thank you for sharing and good luck on achieving your own New Years’ resolutions!

    • Great question Alex. You don’t have to include visualization into meditation practices and they can be done any time. Closing your eyes can be effective to help visualization but depend on how strong your imagination is.

      Now, using visualization during meditation is super powerful as it can engage emotions.

  8. Very good post Vince. I agree sometimes we just set goals but don’t write them and forget about that. I liked your techniques that you described to achieve goals. Thanks for sharing great post!

  9. Hi Vince, you could be talking about my marathon training, but 2 hours 30 minutes, that’s a bit out of my league. Great post though, I agree with you, set your goals and stick to them

  10. I am a great believer in setting goals on paper. I like your take on visualizing the goal and changing behavior, will consider this next time I draw up a set of new goals. Thanks for the article and the great tips.

  11. Hello Vince, thanks again for another great post. These are great routines to follow in order to achieve your personal goals in life. I already have things planned out, everyday I wake up at 6:30, work on my niche website until 9:45. Afterwards, eat breakfast and go to work from 11am to 9pm. Go home, eat dinner, and go to sleep Next day, I repeat the same thing. Wealthy Affiliate has thought me how to make money online, and I work hard everyday for success. It won’t be easy, but I’m not giving up!!! Thanks again, and I wish you the best of luck within your niche!!!

  12. Nice post Vince. It is very important to set goals if you intend on accomplishing them. I use a similar system for mine, but I did pick up a hint or two from your article. Thanks for sharing this and all the best on your attainment.

  13. Awesome post, Vince. I love the 4 actions steps you have outlined for achieving goals.

    It’s important to have total faith in the outcome, which in turn gives us the inspiration to move in the direction of our intention. I find things work out the way they are supposed to when I don’t get in my own way…lol. ~Jude

    • I think we all need to make sure we don’t get in our own ways. The mind has ways of doing this efficiently. Stay on the path and you will complete the goals.

  14. Hi there. I am not very goal orientated yet but I have been working on it. These guides are great for me right, thanks. An app to track your habits, that is awesome. I am going to use this guide to achieve my goals this year. I think I will start with just some small goals first, what do u think?


    • Conquer something small will give you a sense of achievement and more to build onto Carl. Just follow the steps and you’ll be fine.

  15. This is brilliant, I always go to bed with a lot of motivation to do what I want the next day but its a different story when I wake up. I’ll be adding the app as mentioned, thanks

  16. Hi Vince,
    I have heard a little bit of Momentum Habit Tracker but I didn’t realised how good is this app after read this article I decide to try it. Now I think that is very important to focus on my goals as well as creating my website. thanks for that.

  17. The power of visualization cannot be stressed enough in attaining your goals. Many professional athletes use it daily and they are some of the most driven people on earth. Definitely something to learn and use!

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