Great books that will change your life and transform your mindset

Over the past decade, I’ve seen life change course in many directions. This has led me through a journey of ups and down, wins and losses, learning from failure and find myself with strength in hopeless times.

I’m thankful for all the support from my family and friends, but sometime their influence may not be what I needed. Finding positive guidance to improve many aspects in life has been a major key in personal growth.

I think its fate when you stumble on to some positive influences that have a profound effect on your mindset and the way you live your life. I found many of these influences through books which I wish I had read at a younger age.

I’m so glad to share these books with you and hope they also have a profound effect on your life.


The 4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss

Still to date one my favourites and is still changing the way I live my life and approach many situations. The 4 Hour Work Week is not only funny as hell but shares the tips and

tactics on how to work less, achieve more and live a fuller life.

Tim tells his personal journey of failures and success in learning some great lessons in life. The key purpose of this entertaining read (or listen which is narrated brilliantly) is to create automated income and use your spare time to live the life you always dreamed.

His concept of ‘Lifestyle Design’ gives you the concept of living like a millionaire without having all the millions. This really gets you thinking about what you want to achieve in life and what is important to you. This book has influenced the way I use my time and what I can achieve when organised and in the right mindset. There is also a tonne of useful tips for improving life performance in so many areas.

Available on Kindle, Audible, iTunes and iBooks


The War of Art – Steven Pressfield

Do you have writer’s block? Can’t get creative? This amazing read from Steven Pressfiled provides his eye-opening approach to self-discipline and dealing with the resistance of which is yourself.

This book is encouraging and gets straight to the point on how procrastination works and winning our inner creative battles. Steven writes from years of experience as a struggling and professional writer. He shares his secret weapons in battling creativity loss.

Before I read this book, I could stare at a blank page for hours and walk away defeated that I couldn’t get anything down on paper. After this read, I approach every post with these techniques for a guarantee effort.

This is perfect for anyone trying to find their feet in a creative manner and battling with procrastination.

Available on Kindle or iBooks


The Magic of Believing – Claude Bristol

A friend of mine lent me his audio book collection and I stumbled onto this tiny book of power. In this old little book, Claude shares his personal journey of using the power of suggestion to achieve great things.

With background as a police reporter, he researched through many avenues of religion and mystics to find out why the belief systems is so powerful. His use of learned techniques helped him achieve a successful business, meeting great people and an amazing life.

Whilst the script is dated, his techniques of using the power of the subconscious mind to achieve your goals are still very relevant.  I’ve used Claude’s techniques and had remarkable results with achieving fitness targets, work milestones and personal goals.

Available on Kindle, Audible, iTunes and iBooks


The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – Joseph Murphy

After reading the Magic of Believing, I found this book by Joseph Murphy. If you are seeking a happy, healthier and more prosperous life, this book is a fit for you at any stage of life.

This book implies our subconscious does 90% of our daily thinking. This can be in the form of small tasks like walking, driving and things we don’t think of in the front of our mind. The power of this subconscious mind on autopilot can be powerful if directed in the correct direction.

The subconscious mind learns through deductive, hypnotic, trance-like states. Through repetition in a deductive state, you gain the power to change your mind.

This book is a little repetitive but a great resource to understand the workings of subconscious mind and harness its power.

Available on Kindle, Audible, iTunes and iBooks


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k – Mark Manson

Do you take things to heart and get caught up in emotions that achieve nothing but stress? Well its time stop giving a f**k.

I saw this book recommended by many but only recently read it. Mark Manson uses a witty manor filled with profanity and comedy from philosophical wisdom. He gives a reminder that life is too short to get caught up in silly little emotions caused by mean spirited people.

In life, we have so many unfortunate events that we can’t control around us but we can control ourselves. This book has empowered me to control my reactions in bad situations.

Mark suggests just picking a few big things that reflect your values: “What I’m talking about here is essentially learning how to focus and prioritize your thoughts effectively—how to pick and choose what matters to you and what does not matter to you based on finely honed personal values.”

The author also shares some tragic life experience, how they changed the direction of his life, reflect on his human existence and search for meaning of life.

Fascinating read. Available on Kindle.


Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

I was sceptical after reading the cover but this book. You’d think this book is all about making money but it about a different type of riches.

Personal growth and achieving great things is the key you will take away from this long read and it’s a classics in the personal development space.

Napoleon shares many stepped techniques towards achieve personal and business achievements with tonnes of stories to show proof to his method. His systematic steps are where the golden nuggets are found in this novel. These can be used to achieve success in any department of life.

The importance of this book is that it shows riches are sometimes not found in money. It gives you the opportunity to detach from the emotional side of money.

The touching story of his deaf son is empowering and instils a strength to never give up on your belief’s.

The only downside to this book is there are too many long-winded stories about the great depression and ancient triumphs. I know this book is old (original 1937) so it has some dated references which is a bit of a bore at times. Avoid these and take the golden nuggets of success.

Available on Kindle, Audible, iTunes and iBooks


The Happiness Advantage – Shawn Achor

Conventional wisdom and the world of materialistic gains leads us to believe that success is happiness and not the other way around. Always trying to make more money, have better things or loose more weight to look better in that bathing suit. Did you know this formula is backwards?

What makes this read so compelling is all the scientific research, hard statics and deep studies which are display brilliantly. Some are entertaining but most of these measurable will astound what affects our happiness or how we achieve our happiness.

With all this interesting information and lovely story of Shawn’s life experiences, this read is entertaining and really get you striving to add positivity in your life at home, work and with yourself.

A must-read for everyone trying to excel in a world of increasing workloads, stress, and negativity, The Happiness Advantage isn’t only about how to become happier at work. It’s about how to reap the benefits of a happier and more positive mind-set to achieve the extraordinary in our work and in our lives.

Available on Kindle, Audible, iTunes and iBooks


The Code of the Extraordinary Mind – Vishen Lakhiani

A book so cool that this guy must make up his own words. I’m not joking. Vishen uses words such as Brules (bull shit rules) and Unfuckwithable to explain his plan that anyone can use to live an extraordinary life.

Push the limits of life and bend reality is the message that this book is trying to provide. It questions society’s rules most of us live by and shows how limiting our beliefs have come.

The author shares his life stories of struggle and success with lessons learned along the way. From living an unhappy conventional successful life to struggling and find your true calling.

This book shows ways of engineering your future through scraping some conventional wisdom, intuition, mediation, visualisation and many other techniques.
You will get excited about life after reading this and move towards a direction of success. Start to obsess about being happier today.

Available on Kindle, Audible, iTunes and iBooks


The Magic of Thinking Big – David Schwartz

This book gives useful methods (not false promises) to get the most out of your life, job, family and community.

David provides proof that you don’t have to have super talents to attain success and satisfaction. He truly changes your mindset and teaches you how to think bigger that you thought was possible.

Believe you can succeed and you will cure yourself of the fear of failure, learn how to think positively, think and dream creatively, turn defeat into victory and use goals to help you grow.

Sometimes we limit ourselves by what we think we deserve or are capable of. Do not put yourself in a box. Read this book and you will open new doors for yourself.

Available on Kindle, Audible, iTunes and iBooks


Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuck

Cash in on your Passion is the concept that Gary is putting across in this book. I listened to the audio version which is narrated by Gary and you get a few extras which aren’t in the script. It’s a great listen.

Gary is all about putting in the work if you want to be successful at anything. This guy has insane work ethic and is truly motivational.

He shares his personal story of growing up in an immigrant family, how he turned passion into a business with the addition of persistence and hard work, nothing can stop Gary.

The main lessons I received is that if you working on something you love doing, it’s not really work and you can put it to use for business.

He also stresses on how fundamental the internet and social media is for many areas of success and his predictions for some future trends. This is a good read and shows some solid examples of success on many levels.

Available on Kindle, Audible, iTunes and iBooks


The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

This is the most controversial book when it comes up in conversation. There is so much hype from media stories, scams and magical stories.

Rhonda portrays the Power of Attraction as the Secret and opens your eye to a more mystical side to the power of the universe. I get a lot of comment on ‘Fake Science’ when this is discussed.

When I first read this book, I thought it was a waste of time and money. I didn’t really understand the power of attraction. I’ve read this a few times now after learning more about related subjects and it has some powerful messages.

The most powerful lesson from this book is using your thoughts and emotions to think positively and therefore attracting positivity. Mystical or not, these techniques work. You become or attract what you focus on. The more you focus on it, the more you attract it (good or bad stuff).

Available on Kindle, Audible, iTunes and iBooks


Hope you get the most out of these recommended reads. I’m always looking for new books to continue changing my life.
What books have changed your life? Please add it in the comments below and thanks in advance for sharing.

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39 Comments on Great books that will change your life and transform your mindset

  1. Thank you for letting me know about the Power of Believing! I have a genuine interest in learning how the mind and the power of belief works. I also suffer from partial blindness so having an audio file is awesome. Thank you for this great info!

    What is your favorite book out of all of these?

    • Thanks for your comment Darcy. Most of these come in audio and that’s my favorite way to consume books lately due to having spare time.
      Its hard to pick my favorite bu I guess 4 Hour because it most relevant to me and funny as hell.

  2. I just finishing listening the 4 Hour Work Week and it was amazing. So many life tips on how to work and live effectively but efficiently.
    Thank you so much for these recommendations I can’t wait to finish them all.

  3. The selection of books you have chosen for uplifting one’s being are excellent. I believe that any book that makes you a better you are the best books to read by far. If everyone would learn to focus on the internal and not the external being of existence the world would be a better place.

  4. I think I have gotten the art of not giving a f#ck down to a tee after reading it, such an inspiring book and definitely a must read. I highly recommend it, and will be working my way through your list of other books very soon

  5. Great list. I have read a lot of the books on this list. The first book that had a profound impact on how I looked at work was, of course, The Four Hour Work Week. But Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuck and The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani are on my list.

  6. Hands down such a seriously good book list! I will definitely have to pick up a few books you have mentioned in your overview. I have actually bookmarked your page so I can come back to it 🙂 I have my eye on “The Magic of Believing”. Thanks for this great list it is a wonderful resource for many to help them on their journey 🙂

    • Your welcome Andrea. Magic of Believing such a great short read. The 3 main techniques in this book are still so relevant considering how long ago the book was originally written.

  7. I’m glad I came to this site, I’m particularly interested in the ‘how to not give a f**k’ book, I might even order it! Some good books you’ve reviewed here, I think most of us need a bit of ‘PMA’ lessons lol

  8. The books you selected are all excellent. I have read several of these, and even though they may have been written many years ago, they stand the test of time and are relevant today. I am particularly interested in The war of Art, and the Magic of Thinking Big.
    Have you read anything by Wayne Dyer?

    • Thanks for your comment Judith.
      I have had my eye on the power of intention by Wayne Dyer for a while but haven’t got round to it. Have you read it?

  9. WOW!! What a choice of some great inspirational reading. I was always skeptical of these kinds of book, until actually taking the time to read one, and finding a whole new concept of which to develop and nurture myself for the future.
    Of the books listed, which is your favorite and why?

    • Thanks for your comment Brad. 4 Hour WW is the one I keep coming back to. It just fits with my work styles. But Magic in Believing is also a small but powerful little book that I listen to when I need to focus on achieving a single goal.

  10. There was a point in my life where i had no clue what i was going to do with myself. I was in Mexico with my family and my Tio had a book in his house called “The Laptop Millionaire” and once i picked it up i couldn’t set it down.

    All it takes is some inspiration and all your worries get erased and hope for the future is restored.

    So, like you, i also needed to seek guidance elsewhere. I believe that those closes to you can sometime be the most cancerous people in your life. Most will support you blindly because they want to see you happy, some will be against your ideas, and few will actually believe that you will accomplish this journey of yours.

    I’m a huge fan of every book on this list and every moment spent reading them is time well spent.

    The 4-hour work week is truly the book for those looking to change their life and start living today. Tim is the man.

    Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art” is one that i’m going to be picking up really soon. I’m a writing machine because i love to say what’s on my mind and provide people with valuable content but sometimes i can also stare at a flashing blank document on my screen.

    What i really love about books like any of the ones on this list is that you can literally change your life and craft it the way you want so long as you TAKE ACTION. All the help in the world is meaningless unless you take the action necessary.

    I really enjoyed this article thank you so much.

    • Epic feedback Justin. I can feel your words are vibrating my aura with joy. I haven’t read Laptop Millionaire but its going on my list. Thank you.

  11. Think and Grow Rich is already on my list of books to read. The Power of The Subconscious Mind is one I’ll definitely add as well. I’ve recently learned that our mindset and actions are powered by our subconscious minds. I never knew how much it influences us.

    • The subconscious is like a genie in the back of our mind. We just need to the learn the tactics how to make it work for us. These books will both help with this.
      Appreciate your comment.

  12. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind is a great book. I highly recommend it. It’s amazing what we are capable of as humans and equally amazing how we stop ourselves from achieving our potential. The book is not to be missed!

  13. Great post. Well, I would have to say I have read a majority of them, have some on my reading list and could recommend more!!! But all are awesome. It’s tough to read as much as I want to and still keep up with my self imposed social media responsibilities, but I do my best. Currently I am reading Tony Robbins “awaken the giant within” and that is a thick one!! Plus more books get added all the time. I think I need to read a book on speed reading so I can read more!

    thank you again for sharing

  14. Hey! I have read two of these books – the subtle art of not give a f*** and the Happiness advantage! Considering we’re on the same page, I think i’ll give the 4 hour work week a go 🙂 Thanks for your tips!

  15. Wow, this is a very comprehensive list. Crush It! is a fantastic book. I have always wanted to read the 4 Hour Work Week as well as Think and Grow Rich. Now I have even more books to add to my list. Thanks for your reviews on these books. I am always looking for inspirational books to help me grow as a person.

  16. Thank you for this detailed review. I just found the perfect gift!! It’s funny how sometimes you’re looking for a certain product and the internet ocean takes you to a better product you didn’t know exists.

    Thanks again for sharing! Great reading

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