How I cured my anxiety disorder and anxiety relief techniques

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The high stress processed world is changing the health of our body and mind. An unfortunately today, many of us have or are suffering through anxiety disorders. It took over 10 years, but I want to share with you how I cured my anxiety disorder and anxiety relief techniques.

They say people who suffer anxiety disorders are always worrying about the future and have trouble shutting down the worrying voice in their head. I think its more to than just that.

The worry stresses builds up in the mind, it quickly leads to a reaction to the body which is always switched on in fight or flight (danger mode), even when you’re not in danger of anything. Adrenalin in the body which does not turn off, for hours, days and weeks for some.

With a combination of poor nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, some of the symptoms can be awful and make every day life impossible to face.

Some symptoms can be: body shaking, low or high blood pressure, irritable bowels, tension headaches, overly tired from always being amped up, heart palpitations, anger, shortness of breath, sweating, poor vision and panic attacks.

I had suffered from all these for many years and tried conventional treatments along with many non-conventional actions. For about 10 years on and off, my anxiety fluctuated from just being uncomfortable in any situation to being home bound and not be able to work or live.

I accepted that I would have to live with this disease and considered ways of managing the disorder.

After many years of trying different techniques, treatments and life style changes, I’m happy to say I’m free from anxiety. It feels great to can say (write) that.

I know that my body/mind could have the ability to relapse under the worst conditions but I have learnt ways that to ensure I never get in the worst conditions. Never, ever again.

What’s worked for me may not work for others but here are the 3 main change I’ve added (and subtracted) to my lifestyle that keeps my mental health in check.

Meditation – Quiet the Mind

By far one of the most powerful tools to quiet my mind from stress and anxious chatter. It’s free to do whenever you want, is time efficient compared to other therapies andFree Guided meditation it’s something everyone can add into their daily plan.

The thing with meditation, it’s not a magic pill when you’re in the middle of an anxiety attack. In fact, I thought meditation was a waste of time when I started to do it.

You realize subtle differences in life when you start to practice regularly. What may be subtle in the early stages, could be your breakthrough in later stages with assistance of other therapies or parts of life.

One of the common issues among humans, is that we hold dramatic feelings and situations deep inside, maybe as an emotional safety net. This builds up and can even burry it into our subconscious mind. It’s so deep we sometimes feel anxious for no reason at all.

Meditation helps you realize these deeper issues and can help you deal with them in a mindful way. It can be like an internal therapist helping you accept and move through the emotional repair process.

Check out my free beginners guide to meditation to get started or some of these cool apps to help get you started.

Nutrition – Low Processed Diet

I think this is understated in modern medicine, but the conventional process foods we are eating is making us anxious and sick with other health issues.

Its clear from many current medical studies that the gut and brain are connected. If fact they are calling the gut the second brain.

What we put in to our gut, is affecting our mood and perception on certain factors of life. I realized this when I shifted from high processed food diet to low processed food diet. This, guided with meditation has made the biggest shift in my fight with anxiety.

My main rules for diet is to eat least processed foods, reduce refined sugar, wheat and dairy intake where possible. Do not remove everything from your diet straight away as you will likely get cravings.  I still love a good burger on my cheat day, I just know a plate of broccoli will make me feel better.

My advice is to seek a good nutritionist who specializes in gut analysis and repair to help you on your nutrition journey for better mental health. A great little book that taught me about diet and Anxiety is the Anti-Anxiety Food Solution by Trudy Scott. Learn what to eat and what not to eat to improve your anxious body.

Exercise – Move your body and sweat

The third leg in this tripod is exercise. To many of us live a sedentary life and don’t move our body enough.

Any type of exercise that is done regularly will help with gut repair, body managing stressful situations and detoxification.

What I found to make an alarming difference was when I push myself out of the limit of comfort. This took a while (about 6 months as I was so unfit), but once I push myself so I was panting and sweating during a workout, I’d feel amazing result the next day.

My exercise routine now is only about 15 minutes now, but by the time I’m finished, I’m drenched and gasping for air. It creates endorphins and all the good brain chemicals that keeps my mental health in shape. Probably also detoxifies the crap out of my body.

What else can help on your journey away from anxiety?

If you’re consistently meditating, eating well and exercising regularly and still are not seeing results, you may want to go down the path of conventional medicine to assist you.

The unfortunate side effects of conventional medicine which may cover nausea, dizziness and stronger anxiety for first 3-5 weeks will pass for 70% of people that start taking anti-depressants.

I had previously been on antidepressant twice for a year each and I can say they did help. I also had the common brain shock side effect as I was weening off the drugs. In my third and final anxiety lapse, the drugs made me so sick that I could not stomach them.

Using the 3 main techniques mentioned above was the most profound. But I also found some alternative remedies, programs and supplements that help me get to me to healthy state sooner. These includes:

True Calm – Stress Support

An all natural supplement vitamin that would keep me calm and focus in times where I just couldn’t settle. True Calm is a combination of amino acids and their cofactor nutrients formulated to support the normal production and function of calming neurotransmitters in the brain.

I was taking this a regular daily regime for a long while but now just keep it as a tool on super busy days when I need to chill out a little.

Very safe and does leave a groggy feeling like medicated conventional drugs. If you buy it from You can Save 5% of all purchases with this checkout code MKL711

If you are looking to replace the anxiety sedative drugs with a natural alternative, check out these supplements.

Hardcore Self Help – F**k Anxiety by Robert Duff

I’ve read a tonne of material on Anxiety but this book is one of the first few that I read. It really stuck with me and helped me on the beginning of my anxiety journey.

Not a traditional self help book in fact I can’t call this a self help novel.  I found Hardcore Self Help book great for people who have no idea what they’re up against and are too stuck to try. It’s conversational and a quick read. Highly recommend if you’re just starting out your journey to having a more manageable relationship with anxiety.

This booked doesn’t go in deep technical or much psychology. That’s why it’s more of an enjoyable read and take give the anxious reader less to worry about and hope that they will manage their anxiety disorder. Check out my full review here.

Binaural Beats

In the moments of stress and tension at work or trying to relax at home, I use binaural beats. Binaural beats help me focus, quickly induce a calm state for meditation and even help get me into a deep sleep.

To learn more about binaural beats, check this post or if you want to see the apps I’m using, check out this post.

Now if you try all these tips and you are still struggling with anxiety, please seek further help with your doctor or local anxiety organisation.

Have you struggled through some tough mental illnesses? How have you managed and what helps you? Please share in the comment as it may help someone else and please share this article with anyone who needs some guidance to overcome their mental health problems.

30 Comments on How I cured my anxiety disorder and anxiety relief techniques

  1. Vince this is right up my alley. It is crazy how I’ve been thinking about meditation more and more these days and honestly need to make it a priority. With young kids, sometimes it can be a challenge because they have unpredictable schedules. I had no idea how much nutrition played a part as we get older and I agree with the low processed plan. I hope people take this information to heart and really find what works for there mind, body and spirit. Excellent information.

    • Thanks for your comment Mondez.
      I too have struggled with time for meditation with 2 toddlers in the house. My options are in the morning (very early) before they get up, once they are all asleep at night or in my car before I start work.
      Nutrition has played a pivotal part in my life in the later years in my life and I believe is one of the main reason I’ve overcome my anxiety.

  2. I have recently used the Muse program for meditation and relaxation. It is an app based program with a headset that monitors brain activity. It has really helped with keeping the calm and controlling my breathing when ever my anxiety kicks up.
    Thank you for the good read.


  3. I congratulate you on winning your battle and glad that you have decided to help others to do the same. It is a tough one, I know but the rewards speak for themselves.

    I had tremendous luck with Holosync and am still using it today. Of course exercise and good diet is paramount, also.

    • Thanks Brent. Although I’ve won, I know that it take tenacity to ensure I stay in a healthy position. Anxiety is something that is managed and overcome with hardwork.
      Thanks for sharing Holosync. It looks like a great product.

  4. I am so happy I came upon your article. It is very helpful information on how to deal with anxiety.

    You are right that today many people face this. And thanks for the tips on nutrition, exercise and meditation.

    I meditate regularly. But have missed out exercise for a long time now. Mostly because of work. So very busy. But that is not an excuse. Your article has reminded me that.

    I now have a bit of cold and cough. As soon as it is gone, I will start exercising again.

    Once again, thank you.

    • Glad I could remind you.
      I too have not been exercising for the past 2 weeks due to a bulging disc in my back. I’m certainly feeling the mental aspect of it but am on the mend and hopefully back in to HIIT exercises in no time.

  5. Hey Vince

    This is an excellent article with some amazing sounding advice. I was aware of proper nutrition and exercise being a big help (I always feel more anxious if I have had a spell away from the gym or my diet has taken a hit), but I wasn’t aware of meditation helping so I will definitely be checking out beginners guide.



  6. It is hard to face your fears alone. But one e you learn a few techniques like meditation which I think is extremely helpful. You become more self aware and recognize that you can overcome you anxiety.

  7. Great article! I have not struggled with anxiety disorders but know a few friends who have. They have done some of the same things your recommend (exercise & eat right) but not all of them. I will definitely be passing this info on to them to give it a try. Thanks!

  8. What a great article, Vince! Thanks for sharing your story. I suffered from anxiety too, but it seems not as much as you. I am happy that you get over it and healed yourself. I agree that what we eat is important for our body and mind, and it can help with anxiety and stress relief.
    Thank you again!

    • Appreciate your feedback Linda. I see from all the comments, many go through their own struggle without useful information. I really this post can help others.

  9. I dealt with anxiety in high school and occasionally have times as an adult. My 16 year old daughter also has these problems. This information could be useful in helping her deal with her current issues. Thank you for sharing.

  10. My anxiety goes straight to my guts, and the way I found to control it is by doing exercise and having something to do. When I feel that anxiety is rising I look for something to do so my mind can focus on something else, like writing or blogging. I have never use medicine and i think I will never do, I have seen the side effects on others and definitely they are not for me.

    • Thanks for sharing. Same here Ruben. Gut in knots is what I used to get.
      I have been subscribed medication in the early years and yes there are side effects so good move if you can stay away from them.
      The conventional medical way does have you work on exercise and diet which is important with or without medication.

  11. Vince, everything in this made a lot of sense to me. I have struggled through anxiety and am still on a road to recovery. I have struggled with meditation and calming the mind, so will read through your thoughts on that subject first but I think I may be using your site a lot in the future
    Thank you

    • I hope your recovery is successful Karen.
      With meditation, you can start with just a few minutes a day and work your way up to 10 minutes a day. I’m sure you’ll have a more speedier recovery with implementing meditation.
      All the best.

  12. Great article Vince, we are truely living in the era of anxiety. What helps me the most about anxiety is a good gym session. I am definitely going to try the Binaural Beats tonight !

  13. Hi Vince, I am currently trying to learn to meditate and other internal spiritual kind of work, recently I found out about repeating mantras that mean nothing, in order to stop the mind chatter, that has been the culprit of what has stopped me for a successful meditation, and at first it worked, but I’ve not been able to do it again, I find so interesting your website that I will read all your info in order to succeed at meditation.

    I congratulate you for promoting this topic; our society needs this so much to heal. By the way, cannabis oil has good impact in stress related health problems.


  14. Vince,
    Since I have retired I feel more Anxiety during the day when I am home alone and every one else is at work or school. I will look into putting some of your ideas to work.
    I am working on the diet and exercise side of things.
    Do you think doing the exercise first thing in the morning is better or after mid morning break.

    • Exercise for me is best when I have most energy which is around 10am-1pm for me. I think you have to trial to see what suits you best.
      All the best John and hope you overcome your anxiety.

  15. OMG exercise and nutrition are so underrated when it comes to help manage anxiety. I know quite a few people who chose to go straight on meds without even trying to change parts of their lifestyle. I’m not against medications as there are some people who really do need it, but they are heavily overprescribed. I exercise almost daily (25 minutes and weights every second day) and my diet has dramatically changed (and I’m still making changes) and I feel better than ever.

    • Great to hear Vanessa. Thanks for sharing your techniques.
      I can’t agree more that many can get heavily over prescribed but this awareness is growing and alternative methods are being more adopted.

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