Modern Day Meditation….not designed for monks?

My wife says she just can’t meditate. I’m like, “Really! You can’t sit still for 10 minutes and do nothing?”.  This is common reaction when I ask people to try meditation. The expectation from many is that meditation requires some complete brain power to stop all thoughts and get in Zen mode. But have they explored Modern Day Meditation which was not designed for monks?

We live in a great time but with too many distractions which are dropping our attention span. A study conducted in 2002 show the average attention span of 3000 candidates in Canada was 12 seconds. They conducted this study again in 2015 and the averaged dropped to 8 second. This is largely due to the internet, social media, push notification which are always distracting us.

So, when you sit quietly by yourself, it much easier to have your attention lost when concentrating on a single point of focus such as breath, sensations or mantras.  This can be helped with audio or guided meditations, but there are also a bunch of new age active meditations which is great for a change or a beginner.

Active or dynamic meditation for the new age

Active meditations work on visualisation that take you on a journey to relax and get into a state of calm or healing. This is great as it seems to take away the effort of concentration some feel they need to use in traditional meditation and encourages the use of the imagination.

Using visualization with connection to body sensations for an anchor point helps on a bio chemical level to release feel good hormones and reduce negative reactions in the body.

Visualisation journeys can be fun and limitless. Check the video below and give this guided visualization from Jason Stephenson ago.

Check this Aura Energy meditation using the power of memory emotions to drive your compassion energy.

You can also hear this on Soundcloud or download from here

Posture and sitting

The ideal posture for alertness is sitting up, back straight like an imaginary string being lightly pulled for the top of your head. Can you meditate without this posture? You sure can. Some may be uncomfortable in this position, so try sitting in a chair with your back rested straight or even lying down on the floor or a bed.

The method of being strict or in lotus position is keeping your body aligned for best energy movement and not fall asleep when relaxing. While I like this strict posture, it is definitely not required for beginners or poor postured individuals.

Distance and time

I believe doing meditation regularly is more important than strict posture. Like any habit, it takes time to develop this regularity, but doing small amounts of time every day if far more effective that doing it for a long time once a week.

How long does a non-monk meditate for? 10 minutes every day is where you will start to get the benefits and 20 minutes is a good solid standard for extraordinary results.

Active meditation is normally more engaging and time does feel like is goes quicker when you’re on a journey of the mind.

Are the end results different between active or traditional meditation?

Amazingly, some active meditation can provide better results in different aspects of life with goal visualization or achievement. From a bio physical level, they both will inhibit the similar results.

They great thing is that you can switch between different types of meditation to change it up from time to time. Or once you find what works for you, stick with it.

Check out the all the great resources here at

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25 Comments on Modern Day Meditation….not designed for monks?

  1. Hi Vinm
    Great work out there! I really do need a meditation and your sites save me for providing such a great info about meditation. I been stress and tired of my work recently and i thought vacation is my only way for me to relived all my stress. Modern meditation helps me a lot. Thank you so much


  2. I believe that many people have become more and more distracted with their daily lives and holding someones attention for more than a few seconds is difficult.

    I like the idea of meditation and I think for me the distance and time would work best. Thanks for sharing.

  3. To be honest it is not as easy as sitting still for 10 minutes and do nothing. In today’s hectic world we are constantly interrupted or have many things on our mind. For the new generation I think traditional meditation will be difficult for the current generation and that is why I find the concept of visualization so interesting. It is like you called it the meditation for the new age. And it surely works!

  4. And here I thought getting into a Zen mode was the key. I didn’t know there was a thing as modern day meditation. I’ve always heard it was good for the mind and body, but never really tried it. This was such a great article. I’m going to fit in a meditation session at least once a week.

  5. Beautiful ! Jason Stephenson’s southing voice along with the space music in the background are incredible calming. I agree, 10 minutes or more of this a day is all anyone could possibly need to “escape”. Much appreciated, Vince ! Great stuff ! 🙂

  6. great advice. I agree that meditation is a healthy way to heal body and mind. I like how you mentioned that meditation can be active. I know athletes use a lot of visualization and it can be a very powerful tool to help performance. I believe meditation can help us all feel better and reach our goals. thanks for sharing!

    • Visualization is so important to achieving goal. Using active meditation can help of visualization muscles so we can strengthen our imagination.
      Thanks for stopping past Will

  7. The fact that there are so many things squeezed into 24 hours does make it difficult to juggle. However, one needs to prioritize and take time out for being with oneself. Meditation is like charging your body. When your most important thing (your smartphone in today’s time) needs to be given some time to charge, why not your body & mind. To think right and to work well, one needs this time.

  8. Isn’t is surprising how the more technology runs people’s lives, the less people are able to be still without fidgeting or reaching for their cellphones! In several Eastern cultures, meditation is still incorporated into schools so that the new generation holds on to the ability to be in touch with themselves. Do you think we should include meditation in our kids’ schools here in the West?

    • I meditate with my kids regularly and I believe they should add mindfulness practices in to all school curriculum. Some western schools have done this with amazing results.
      Thanks for your comment Andrea.

  9. Great mentors like Bop Proctor and Jack Canfield always highlight the importance of meditation and visualization in the accomplishment of goals!

    Meditation is indeed healthy to the body. Besides we are all spiritual entities and any exercise that encourages connection to the positive spirit world is very recommended.Thank you very much for this great article.

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