Oak Meditation App created by Kevin Rose

Oak Kevin Rose

In the world of tech business building and entrepreneurs, Kevin Rose (KR) is a household name. I’ve first heard of Kevin on the Tim Ferriss show and his joined podcast with Tim ‘The Random Show’.

KR wanted to build an app that can blend meditation with technology in a thoughtful way so he created Oak. Where apps like Headspace and Calm do a similar thing, Oak has the same clean and polished feel but without the subscription fee….for now. KR states “I’m committed to spending the money myself. And if it turns into something massive that needs more support, we might monetize”.

The app had 17,000+ community testers use and survey the app before it was officially released. This has resulted in a smooth operating interface that is a pleasure to use.

The foundation of the app is for general mindfulness meditation and not focuses at stress relief or sleep assistance. This non-prescriptive meditation leaves less choice for the user but simply effective

Oak meditation menus

App Features

The main menu of the app allows you to choose from Meditate, Breath or Wisdom

Meditation: Offers guided meditations from both male and female instructors. Choose a session duration from 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes in length.

You can also select from 9 background sounds or choose to have no guide with your meditation session.

Breathing: There are a range of breathing exercises to create a sense of calm and relaxation. The choice between Deep Calm, Box and Awake breathing techniques.

I absolutely love the breathing visual guide which is a circle interface with Inhale, Exhale and Hold guides.

Oak Meditation Breathing Screen

Wisdom: A section full of audio and video content from Alan Watts with some inspiring words to get your mind thinking deeper.

Statistics: Oak has a user profile. It’s filled with detailed analytics, including your minutes meditated, number breaths you’ve taken (guided breathing), and community statistics like who’s meditating now.

They also support Apple HealthKit for tracking “mindful minutes.”

The app currently on iOS only with support for iPhone and iPad.

My conclusion

I really like where this app is going and I think that KR can help many people get started with meditation with the reach of his audience.

The app still needs to evolve and this will need investment that may not come. Some additions that would make this app greater would be:

  • End timer bell to know when unguided meditations finish
  • More Wisdom content
  • More inbuilt community interaction

I still think Insight Timer is one of the best free apps out there for meditation with tonnes of free content but not as polished as Oak.

So download and try Oak for free and tell me what you think below in the comments.

30 Comments on Oak Meditation App created by Kevin Rose

  1. I’ve never used meditation apps, but could start using them now. Oak apparently is simple and minimalistic, but still delivers tranquility. Might be the appropriate app for first-time users of meditation apps, because of its simplicity and price (free).

  2. I have not used meditation app before but in one of his podcasts, Tim Ferris mentioned about meditation app and its impact on himself. I think it was Headspace that was mentioned. Without any entry fee, I am game to give this a try. Thanks for sharing this app.

    • It definitely worth a go as it’s completely free for the moment. If you have not tried any meditation apps check out all the others I have reviewed here

  3. Hi, Vince. I have used relaxation and exercise Apps but now I will try out meditation. Oak sounds like a really good one. Though a bit disappointed that it’s not on android. Or I may have missed it in the Google App store?

    • No not on Android yet and I don’t think they will be developing for Android. It depends on the investment they will put in for free.
      Thanks for your comment Ami

  4. I heard meditation apps are amazing but have not really got into it myself. A lot of people have said it has helped them a lot with stress and what not. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I would love to have this app but it is just for iOS! It looks super handy and to be able to teach proper breathing for relaxation is a skill that I would like to acquire. I hope you will update if they extend it for android.
    Do you know of other apps that you have reviewed that have similar functionality that I could use while waiting on Oak for android?

  6. HI Vince, I have been wanting to try meditation for some time now and came across this post. Can you tell me if you believe this app is any good for a absolute beginner like myself or do you have a better recommendation?

    • Lee it’s perfect for beginners as it simplifies the meditation practice into simple guided visual or audio. I hope you enjoy the free download.

  7. Meditation is something that has always interested me but I have never got round to practising it due to not having enough hours in the day and not knowing where to start or what to do, but this oak app is as easy and useful as you say it is then maybe its time for me to take the first step to getting my relax on, lol cheers for showing me this

  8. From time to time I consider meditation. But when I try it, my mind wanders, I can’t relax or relax too much and end up going to sleep. This Oak app may help a lot. I will give it a try. Thanks for the info.

  9. Great site I don’t know much about meditation I think it is worth learning some good information about it. Keep it going really interesting.
    Check my new post out and leave me a comment at livegreaterhealth.com/lung-health

  10. Hey Vince, thanks for sharing this. I am always interested in hearing about ways to make meditation easy and a part of our daily routine. I listen to a guided meditation every evening to go to sleep. I trialled Headspace and it just wasn’t for me. So am going to try this one out. Cheers!

  11. Hello Vince
    Very interesting app, I tried the inhale and exhale guide , I really like it, it helps you do it correctly with patience. The best thing about oak app is that it does not focus on stress and sleep, which I think will work because when a app is specially for sleep then that’s all that is running in the brain, this app just gives you the free feeling. Thank you for sharing.

  12. With my hectic schedule as a college student, I definitely need to consider meditation as a pressure release valve. It is great to know that there are free options out there such as Oak. I can simply download it onto my smart phone and away I go. Meditation has never been easier. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Having been interested in meditation for a while, just has just convinced me to give this app a try, it hard to find the time in my busy life to reflect and I think this will help.

    Just one question though, how does it know how many breathes you’ve taken? Does it count how many cycles the breathing visual guide does? Or does you need to tap something every time you’ve completed your breath?

    • Hi Gerry, I don ‘t believe the app is that advance with breath counting. It just gets you to follow the rhythm of the display screen which I found go for some of the exercises but a bit harder on others like box breathing.

  14. Hello. Well, this is a first for me. I had no idea there was an app for meditation. As an avid scuba diver, I practice breathing meditation to control my breathing and to calm my mind before a dive. The breathing exercises help me with my air consumption while diving. To have an app to take with me would be great. Does it come on all phone platforms by any chance?


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