The daily cup of mindfulness

Most of us take the time to make a coffee or a tea at least once or if not more times a day. If you’re lucky and get to do this without the interruptions of kids, family, work colleagues and noisy surroundings, you can take these moments to activate your mindfulness muscles.

Many people say to me, ‘I just forget to be mindful in my busy schedule’ or ‘I have no time to sit and meditate.’

Mindfulness doesn’t have to be a set out task and can be incorporated into many daily practices. Check my last post on mindfulness and what it means to you.

Coffee Zen Morning Ritual

On most mornings, I’m first up in the house and all is quiet (if the kids aren’t awake). I really enjoy the practice of making my morning cup. I also find on mornings that I use this Coffee Zen practice, my day runs way smoother.

I spend the few minutes to really pay attention to pouring the water in the base Cafetera (Italian coffee percolator) to the exact spot it needs to be. I then insert the coffee grind holster and gently fill it up with

the sweet smelling roasted grind of my favorite coffee. Spoon by spoon I am attentive of all these motions and gently pat down the coffee in a precise manner.

After screwing on the top component, I put the cafeteria on the heat and take a moment to be grateful for the warm cup of goodness I’m about to receive. In these minutes that this coffee is being brewed, I do some standing meditation and breath work.

When the brew is bubble and complete, I slowly pour the cup and take my time to enjoy my morning drink. After enjoying these moments, I get in to my gratitude journal.

This is a powerful and simple practice that many of us can incorporate in to their busy lives.

I also like to practice this same type of mindfulness with tea in the evening.

“Mindfulness is always mindful of something. When you drink your tea mindfully, it’s called mindfulness of drinking. When you walk mindfully, it’s called mindfulness of walking. And when you breathe mindfully, that is mindfulness of breathing” – Thich Nhat Hahn, Shambala Sun

Where else can I be mindful everyday?

This form of mindfulness is transferable to house chores like washing dishes, ironing cloths, gardening and so on.

You can also use this walking from place to place or just sitting down for a break and looking out the window. You simply need to point your awareness to your motions or point of focus.

A place I used to hate to be was waiting in lines at shops, the bank or any place I most likely do not want to be. But now, I take these moments to be mindful of my breathing, which not only clams me but also energizes me in these few moments.

There are hundreds of times in your day when you take the time to be mindful of your breath. So, before you pick up your smart phone, take a few deep breaths.

The trick to using these mindful moments, is to keep them short and sweet.

Grow your mindful forest inch by inch

The more you find these little time slots to be mindful, the more you will find yourself being aware of your surrounding and your own actions. Mindfulness becomes more interesting once its integrated into your daily chores.

This will also improve your energy around others and you will notice that people are calmer around you. Therefore, people are happier to be in your presence and you enjoy theirs as well.



I hope you find more mindful cups in your day.

Do you have any particular moments that you use to be mindful? Please share below.

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10 Comments on The daily cup of mindfulness

  1. I really love this article and I love the way you put being mindful into a whole new perspective. Taking time out to be mindful of your breath is a great way to manage stress. You can teach your children to do the same. When I go for walks with my children I like to take it all in and I focus on my breaths. I have even taught my children breathing techniques as we walk together. I will take more time to practice mindful moments, Thanks for this!

    • That’s great that you incorporate a mindful practice to your children. We do a similar breathing exercise with our kids as well.
      Thanks for your feedback Melissa

  2. Hello Vince

    I medicate too and 100% I agree with you on this. Our focus and peace comes from using our senses to enjoy each moment without being distracted by anything around. I practicing yoga with my eyes opened to only observe the nature and nothing else. I also love listening to music and I just like to involve myself on listening to music by ruling out all distractions from my mind, that is what makes me happy, its like that time just belongs to me. I really enjoyed this as it connects with me a lot.


  3. Great article Vince! I’m very into meditation and mindfulness, but I tend to lean more towards night time when all is quiet after the kids go to bed. A few years ago I started being more mindful during my driving, just turning off the music and opening the windows. At first, I just noticed that I didn’t get angry at things like traffic or bad drivers. Then I realized I was taking notice of things like the sounds of birds and the way everything moved in the wind. Haha maybe that’s a little corny, but it made me realize how much I miss by living inside my head all the time.I’m looking forward to trying the morning coffee mindfulness, great tip! I’ll be following you for more tips I can add to my daily practice.

    • Thanks for your feedback Matt. It’s not corny, just a sign that you’re in touch with the world.
      I also have natively meditated at night when the kids are down but try my best to do the morning and if profound difference on how my day proceeds.

  4. This article reminds me of my morning coffee as soon as I turn up to work. The boss has already made our coffees and we begin talking about what we’re doing for the day. I had no idea it was so effective though. I thought it was just all in our minds and not actually true. The more you know aye 😀 Thanks a bunch.

  5. Interesting. I didn’t know that mindfulness can be incorporated into daily rituals such as making coffee and doing household chores. I will try practice this mindfulness from now on.

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