What is knowledge and power without action

What an amazing time to be alive, The Information Age. We can find out anything we want at the tip of our fingers. How many cups in a gallon? How to solve a rubix cube? Who sings this song? What time is it in Germany? How to build a blah blah blah…you get the idea.

With all this information, we should be unstoppable, amazing and know everything that we ever need to be happy and successful in life. Although the examples are not the questions of success, there is some powerful information available, but what is knowledge and power without action?

Information Quality

It so easy these days to consume useless information in your social network feed, emails and conventional media.

Taking our time acquiring information that we don’t need, reduces the space in our minds for quality knowledge that may benefit our lives.

I’m all for a funny vine or consuming for entertainment from time to time, but reading life stories of the Kardashian in the latest trash magazine doesn’t seem like information that should take space in my brain.

Questions and Actions

Life extracts questions in every moment and our nature is to search for the damn answers. The art of pondering has now been lost to the swipe of fingers on a touch screens. Brilliant!, we have the answers, we found the techniques or the secret that we were searching for. Now on to the next question?

The modern life of over stimulation is designed to keep you on edge. The dopamine releases into your brain as you search. Like a rat on the hamster wheel, you continue to find the answers. But when the answers arrive, are they actioned?

If you have read any previous articles on this blog, you’ll know I love to learn, read and listen about anything that will improve life performance. If you have read any of my 11 favourite life changing books, I’m sure your mindset has shifted.

What is the best thing you’ve learned this year? Have you actioned it? In most cases, knowledge is powerless without action. What’s the use of reading book after book, watching motivational videos with powerful life changing information if we don’t get off our arse and move on it.

The mind is like a bucket with a hole in the side of it. Every time you fill this bucket, 80% of the water leaks outs. You keep filling this bucket up, but until you repair the hole, it will continue to lose water.

How do we action knowledge?

Ok, you’ve just learned the latest life changing tips. 6 Steps to enlightenment or whatever the shiney object has your grasp. Before you ingest any more information, read one more page or move your focus, write the action plan on paper.

Step 1 – Write down the knowledge: Writing what you have learnt is the first was to get your subconscious mind to start absorbing the lesson. If the message goes that deep in your mind, actioning it will come easier.

Step 2 – Action plan:  Write down how you are going to achieve this action and schedule this action to be done. Make this serious in your schedule and the sooner the better. You may want to consider how you will overcome an obstacle if they arise. This is a guarantee to see it through.

Step 3 – Reseat the message: Read the lesson and the action plan before bed and first thing in the morning. This will further drive this life changing information deep in the abyss of the mind and further improve chances of accomplishment.

Following these 3 simple steps will ensure the knowledge gained truly becomes power in your life instead of some great tips you read in a book but lost due to shoving more information in the mind. Action the hole in your bucket to be repaired, and make use of knowledge.


What’s your favourite way to consume knowledge? And how do you act on it?

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  1. Great post very informative. Great analogy about a mind like a bucket with a hole. I think people sometimes feeling low and your advice by reading books and watch motivational videos can recharge our mind and of course, also fix the hole. Nice tips about action knowledge, give me some new perspective. I like your favorite life changing books. I love Think and Grow Rich-Napoleon Hill.

  2. How did you know that I always end up on some sort of Kardashian page??!!! How does that happen???–I’m part of the problem! I’m searching for a recipe online and I end up trying to figure out why Kim is beefing with Black Chyna.
    I love reading books that get, and keep me thinking. I find that writing (like you suggested) things down sets the pace for me and then going back the following day and rereading my notes kind of sets things in place for me. Having a plan of action, in writing keeps you accountable for your actions (daily and in the coming weeks, months)

    • The internet has its way of looming you into a Kardashian page..lol. It happens to all of us.
      Thanks for your notes Jennifer, I really appreciate it.

  3. Hey great post! You are right in saying you should write it down. I learn so much everyday from books off my kindle or just things people tell me. Anything of value I always write down in my journal or highlight on my kindle so I can come back to it and absorb the information properly. Keep up the posts I will be checking back!

  4. I have been following this blog and I must say once again this author is on point. There is nothing better than a visual aid. Not only for memory but for planning and strategies. If one can stay positive and keep a focus they can free up a lot of useless I formation. Keep em coming.

  5. I totally agree with this. I have been around the self-development arena for over 18 years and have personally watched people craze for knowledge only to store it away and forget about it. I have even witness forget they go the knowledge only to realize it later. Placing action behind the knowledge is a must. Applied knowledge is king and you couldn’t be more spot on.

  6. Excellent post that makes you think about a lot of things!!! I am a person that writes things down and I keep an ongoing list to do each day. I also keep my mind full of motivational books or audio or new things to learn. I do not like to watch tv, my family thinks I am weird haha. I would rather be listening to something that is going to help me further my education or reach my goals!

  7. Whenever I feel like I have wasted time or if I am overthinking, I head to my journal, and it helps me clear my mental clutter.
    A favorite movie of mine is Inception. Tom Hardy has a great line in that movie while talking to Joseph Gordon Levitt: “Mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling”. I am using this as my mantra for 2017! I just rewrote my goals, and I will worry less about how I get there, as long as I keep moving forward, keep learning, and keep trying to help others! Thank you for posting this 🙂

    • Great comment Irma. Cool line from Inception. Journaling and goal writing really ignites the subconscious to work for you and helps your achievements.

  8. Hi Vince
    I love this post, you’re so blunt and to the point. Knowledge is power for sure, some people just decide not to be powerful most likely due to fear I think. I know for me that “F” word FEAR is what held me back for too long from acting on what I’ve learned. Of course that has changed since, thankfully 🙂 Thanks for this reminder!

    • Glad I could provide the reminder. Fear is a show stopper for many. The only way to conquer fear is to act.
      Thanks for sharing your feedback Agnes

  9. Vince,
    This is some great advice! Most of the limits we perceive, are limits we place on ourselves. People who achieve great things have the same fears that others have they just don’t let those fears stop them. I see you as helping those with fears and anxiety come to terms with those conditions to create a better life for themselves.
    Keep up the good work

    • Appreciate you comment and feedback David.
      This is so true that many of us have the same fears but it’s our perception that helps us drive success.

  10. What a brilliant and well written post. I am a firm believer in writing down your goals and action plans, you should have them in front of you at all times so you know exactly where you are heading and what you have to do next to get there. Well done.
    The Kardishy who’s?

  11. Great post about quality information and taking action.

    It’s really true that inforation is power but there is a huge gap in between to make that power manifest. Any you have pointed it out…ACTION. Many people have information but they don’t know how to use, or focus all their attention on trashy information.

    This post was really informative. Thank you very much.

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